Synapse is a 2d Puzzle game that teaches the player about the brains functions, form and different illnesses that affect the brain.

Puzzle through different brains and see if you can lead the nerve to the right brain part. Explore the brain and find out what things do and how they correlate to each other!

Synapse is built through traditional 2d Animation using SAI and Photoshop and with Unity

Emelie Rodin – Producer & 2d Artist
Adrienne Gunnarsson – Lead Designer & Art Director
Olle Staffas – Lead Prog.
Emil Lindgren – Research & Animator
Alexander Nordfors – Animator
Kristofer Karlsson – Animator
Marcus Franzén – Animator

The Runes of Kalevala

The Runes of Kalevala is a cooperative RPG/adventure game that uses gameplay to drive the narrative. You take on the roles of legendary heroes as you immerse yourself into the Finnish national epos Kalevala, experiencing the epic tale as if you had been there yourself.

The Runes of Kalevala features local co-op to allow players to go on quests and experience an adventure together. Unlike traditional co-operative RPG-type games however, which rely heavily on the players enjoying the same type of activities, The Runes of Kalevala will allow you to play together while playing differently.

Imagine if in The Lord of the Rings when Gandalf left the fellowship for errands of his own that his adventure and the fellowship’s would play out simultaneously and the effects of one party’s actions affected the other.

The game is made in Unity 5.3.

Thom Hujanen – Producer
Filip Frandsen – Lead Art
Anders Hagström – Lead Design, Lead Sound
Anton Classon – Lead Code
Sebastian Ringvold – Lead Tech
Erik Ögren – Lead Animator
Tara Sundström – Character Artist

Sam and Nicole

Sam and Nicole is an educational dating sim/visual novel about two girls in love. The game is intended to be supportive for young adults who are trying to figure out their sexuality, and educational for other people who do not know how hard it can be to be in a samesex relationship. The game is made in the visual novel engine Ren’Py.

Awards: Sam and Nicole won Best Diversity Effort at the Swedish Game Awards 2016 and given a cash prize of 7000 SEK as well as two conference passes to Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Sam and Nicole-team on stage at the Swedish Game Awards 2016. (photo by Sebastian Bularca)
Sam and Nicole-team on stage at the Swedish Game Awards 2016. (photo by Sebastian Bularca)
All the winner at the Swedish Game Awards 2016. (photo by Sebastian Bularca)
All the winner at the Swedish Game Awards 2016. (photo by Sebastian Bularca)

Sigrid Svederoth – Lead designer
Tova Svensson – Producer
Lisa Ramel – Lead artist
Emma Mörk – Artist
Rasmus Lindgren – Lead programmer


You are Hope, last soldier of the flame. Find your way through depression and carry on the torch through the darkest of nights. Fight anxiety, depression and suicide to find the light in this 2D platformer.

Unity and Photoshop has been used to create this project.

Emelie Rodin – Producer, Technical Artist and Designer
Olle Staffas – Programmer
Addrienne Gunnarsson – Character Designer, Artist and Designer
Emil Lindqvist – Monster and Environment Artist
Marcus Franzén – Environment Artist
Alexander Nordfors – Sound Designer & Artist
Kristofer Karlsson – Environment Artist & Level Designer