OMNI is a dice-less games that emphasizes skills rather than chance.

OMNI places you in Arbor, a twin planet in the solar system Jua, an arboreal planet,teeming with life. The lay of the land is fertile with Omni crystals decorating the crust. With riches like these, the humans of Arbor are in continual contest over the planet. The three biggest factions, the forest archers of Viralis, the Hildegarns steppe berserkers, and the Birok guardians of Tivla have been fighting over the rule for Arbor for 200 years. OMNI lets you re-enact past battles or build your own in easy to learn scenario-based combat. Fight for you faction in simultaneous combat with potentially any number of opponents and allies. Build as large map as you like and play any setup of teams in the all-out battle for Arbor.

Will you win for the glory of your faction-or be forgotten in the scrolls of time?

Try the print & play version at the OMNI development blog!

Ludwig Lindståhl
Ladbon Monjezi

OMNI was the first board game to ever be nominated – and win – the Best Social Game award at GameConnection in Paris (2016)!


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Smackquarium is a 2D, platformer local multiplayer game. With its transparent screen Smackquarium allow the players to see each other while playing. The game also allows the players to pour real water into the aquarium (the game-setting), making the environment/ players be affected by the resulting virtual water steam.

In smackquarium two players fight against each other located in an aquarium. They are both playing a turtle equipped with an oversized hammer. Their goal is to be the fastest one to collect the growing flowers and return them to their homes. As the players successfully return the flowers, their houses begin to grow, making the environment change. With this, the players also compete to win their love of their life – the yellow turtle. The yellow turtle loves big houses!

With its easy-to-learn controls and an engaging monitor as well as inputs Smackquarium offers a pleasant experience for all players, new as well as experienced.
With the opportunity to see through the transparent screens, the competition between the players becomes enhanced.

Lukas Graff – Producer
Måns Möller – Lead artist
Nils Folker – Tech
Martin Carlsson – Sound/ programmer
Fabian Lindin – Game designer

Squirrel Squabble

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Squirrel Squabble is a 2D FFA brawler with 2-4 players, with the Wii fit balance board.

The map will continue on even if you are in screen or not, be careful so you won’t fall off and let the cat take you!

There are two ways to win the game; either you collect a certain amount of acorns or you be the last squirrel remaining.

– Unity
– Photoshop
– Aseprite
– WiiWalker
– Microsoft Visual Studios 2015

Jasmina Softic – Producer
Karoliina Hiidenheimo – Game Designer
Jari Melgén – Lead Artist
Christoffer Forsberg – Lead Tech & Lead Programming
Simon Glans – Lead Sound
Tim Rojo – Programmer

Chicken This

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Chicken This is a competitive game for 2 – 4 players where the players control animals escaping a slaughterhouse by evading a butcher and pushing your competitors into harm’s way.

The player will flap, dash and move to escape the dangers of the slaughterhouse.

This game is about friendship and betrayal.
You and three other animals have been trapped in a slaughterhouse for almost all your lives. Now you have finally decided to escape. The Butcher noticed you getting out of your cage and now the race is on. It’s survival of the fittest so jump on, push and attack the other animals to win. It can only be one survivor.

The player will have different abilities during the course of the game. The player will start as a animal making is way through the slaughterhouse, dodging different deadly traps, knocking your fellow animal ex friends into obstacle and trap to slow down the butcher.

When a player dies the player becomes a ghost with the ability to revange on your fellow friends who betrayed you with the ability to throwing axes at them.

Platform: PC
Developed in Unity

Stam Kruajan, Producer
Morgan Kringstad, Lead Game Designer
Svante Livén, Lead Art
Robin Berneby, Lead Code
Stefan Strandberg, Lead tech

Mech Rage

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Mech Rage is a city-destroying game for the active monster. The players punch towards the screen/Kinect to destroy buildings and enemies sent to stop their rampage, while walking along the city they’re ruining via a StepMaster.

Unity-based, utilizing Photoshop, FL-Studio and Visual Studio.

Karl Malm – Producer
Arash Affra Bakhtiari – Lead Programmer
Joel Sarkar Nilsson – Lead Art
Gabriel Stoffel – Lead Sound
Max Snäll – Lead Tech
Marcus van Aller – Lead Designer


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Sumoctopus is a top down 2D sumo wrestling game, with octopuses. The goal is to push the opponent out of the arena, using your tackle attack and ink blowing abilities! Battle your friend and prove your dominance on different dynamic arenas.

Your controls are two joysticks with buttons on top, that you use to heave yourself forward with. As well as a microphone that you will need to blow into to sploosh ink that will help you turn the tides of battle!

Softwares used: Unity, ELIAS Software, Photoshop, Illustrator.
Anton Nordling: Producer
Anton Olin: Lead Game Design
Philip Olsson: Lead programmer
Linus Bjernhagen: Programmer
Filip Zachrisson Hansen: Lead art
Jonatan Ersarp: Lead Tech