Clouiseem – Junkyard of my mind is a website where you’ll find decoupage paintings by me, Louise Mellergård. I’ve made them using napkins, glue and loads of trash like old money, stamps, paper cutouts etc. Simply put the paintings represent the junkyard of my mind.

To make this film I’ve used 3Ds Max for modeling and animating. Then I used After Effects and Premiere Pro to edit the animation, cut the music and render the whole film.

Louise Mellergård


MellergårdLouise_shot1_stillbild innan film börjar


Colorless (2011)

Colorless is a visually expressive 2D platform game made in Unity. You play either single or multiplayer mode and the main focuses lies in the concepts of closeness and co-operation. The quest is to restore all the colors of the world while solving puzzles and protecting your loved one.

Natalia Mekras – Producer,
Pernilla Sparrhult – Design,
Mattias Bertilsson – Programmer,
Arthur Grohe – Programmer,
Alex Wettervik – Programmer,
Niklas Åhs – Artist,
Hanna Ekström- Artist,
Mathias Lissmyr – Music



Clockwork is an unique puzzle game where you manipulate the environment and time itself. The goal is to assist a woman on her journey to save her loved one by overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles. Rewind time and change the seasons by interacting with physical clocks as your input.

We’ve mainly used Photoshop CS5 and XNA framework 4.0

Marcel Markov – Producer
Johan Danielsson – Lead Designer
Mikeal Åström – Lead Programmer
Jonatan Ekström – Programmer