This is an ID-Spot for Dreamworks. It takes you up through a thick cover of clouds and as you rise, brightly-coloured balloons starts to appear all around you. You come up over the cloudes, and there are balloons everywhere. You stop and as the balloons disappear, the Dreamworks logo fades in.

All the balloons as well as the logo are 3D objects, that I made in 3Ds Max.
The clouds and backround are 2D layers and made in Photoshop CS5.
I then combined them all in AfterEffects CS5, to make the final movie.

Emelie Dahlin Jansson

Lead the Way

Lead the Way is a puzzle game where you lead a number of characters through a toy world.
You lead them by placing objects in their way so that they don’t fall into any traps. Every level have certain sub-quests that you can complete to gain more score points.
When you reach the end of the level you will get a score based on your performance and time.

GGC_2011 (482)

Software: xCode, iPhone/iOS SDK, 3DS Max, Photoshop CS4, Garageband

Niklas Borglund – Producer/Programmer
Jakob Hillerström – Lead Programmer
Petter Gillman – Lead Designer/ Graphical Artist
Casper Henriksson – Level Designer / Programmer
Johnny Wretlind – Lead Graphical Artist

Binary Tree – Sentience

The two dimensional graphics in this video were created in Photoshop, Pixelmator and After Effects. Some of it is directly captured from the boot screens of various *Nix operating systems to enrich the world in which the video takes place. The 3D graphics were created in 3D Studo Max 2011.
The musical track is the title track of the Binary Tree album; Sentience and was made in Logic Pro 2008, with the aid of a Commodore 64.

Oskar Jungell