Alumni Days Christmas Party 2008

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Xmas is coming (even here on Gotland) so we felt it’d be nice to combine the Alumni Day with a proper party! The festivities were held in our new offices and motion capture studio in Björkanderska. With student games on display and a little help from DJ Mr Miyagi, some friends from the industry and our students (present and former) we wrecked that place six ways from sunday! 🙂

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Industry invites:
John G. Locke – VFX and Post Production Supervisor – PIXAR – Mystic Effects
John Klepper – Managing Director – Northern Light Studios
Martin Ekdal – CEO – Donya Labs
Steven Hammans – Producer – Burning Man Studios
Emma Mellander – Project Coordinator – Nordicgame
Aimée Kreuger – President – Sverok

GAME Alumni:
Anders “Saint” Ekermo – Programmer at Starbreeze Studios
Mats Andersson – Producer/ Game Design at Avalanche Studios
Heidi Nikunen – Associate Producer at Avalanche Studios
Andreas Wieslander – Production Manager at Burning Man Studios
Annika Fogelgren – Founder and production manager at Cherrytech Studios