Gotland Game Conference

The Gotland Game Conference

Best Presentation2011???
The Innovation Award2015Workspace Warfare
Best Presentation2015Tamarrion
Best Third Year project2013Little WarlockReleased
Best Presentation2008In Other Words
The Innovation Award2013Torn
Cha-ching! Award
(Most commercially viable)
2015Summit Chasers
Best First Year Project2017Pump The Frog
Cha-ching! Award
(Most commercially viable)
2017Pump The Frog
Pwnage Award
(Best in competition)
2017Pump The Frog
The Innovation Award2017Grave Call
Pwnage Award
(Best in competition)
2015Frog ClimbersReleased
Best First Year Project2015Frog ClimbersReleased
Best First Year Project2016Cryptogram
The Innovation Award2016Cryptogram
Best First Year Project2014Crocodile Chow Down
The Innovation Award2014Crocodile Chow Down
Pwnage Award
(Best in competition)
Best First Year Project2013CoBotsReleased
Best Presentation2012ClapperReleased
The Innovation Award2012BlockDropper
Pwnage Award
(Best in competition)
Best First Year Project2006Head Banger
Best First Year Project2010Gods of Steel
Best First Year Project2008Deep Ocean
Pwnage Award
(Best in competition)
2014Crocodile Chow Down
Best First Year Project2012ClapperReleased
Best First Year Project2009Chubby Chase Race
Best First Year Project2007BLOmma
Cha-ching! Award
(Most commercially viable)
2011Victorious Skies
Best Third Year project2014Veer
Best Third Year project2016Too few entries
Best Second Year Project2017Somnium
Best Presentation2016Slumber
Best Second Year Project2008Planetaria
Best Third Year project2017Penny's Farm
Best Presentation2017Penny's Farm
Best Presentation2010Midnight
Best Second Year Project2013Ghoulies
Best Third Year project2010Fumbies - The Cloud CreaturesReleased
Best Second Year Project2014DefunctReleased
Best Second Year Project2015Clouds BelowReleased
Best Second Year Project2009Cause of War
Cha-ching! Award
(Most commercially viable)
Pwnage Award
(Best in competition)
Best Second Year Project2016Anchored
Pwnage Award
(Best in competition)
2011Adventure League
Best Second Year Project2010Abzolium
Pwnage Award
(Best in competition)
Best Presentation2014Tower Offensive
Cha-ching! Award
(Most commercially viable)
2014Tower Offensive
Best Third Year project2012Secrets of GrindeaReleased (EA)
Best Presentation2007Roskilde
Cha-ching! Award
(Most commercially viable)
2013Little WarlockReleased
Best Second Year Project2012Little WarlockReleased
Cha-ching! Award
(Most commercially viable)
2012Little WarlockReleased
Pwnage Award
(Best in competition)
2012Little WarlockReleased
Best Presentation2009Ghost Written
Pwnage Award
(Best in competition)
Best Third Year project2009ExhaustReleased
Pwnage Award
(Best in competition)
Best Third Year project2015Agency
Best Second Year Project2011(not awarded)
Best Third Year project2011(not awarded)
Best First Year Project2011(not awarded)
Student's Choice2017Penny's Farm
Student's Choice2016Neiva
Student's Choice2015PvGvP
Student's Choice2014Undercover Agency
Student's Choice2013Tribal Marathon
Student's Choice2012Secrets of Grindea
Public Choice2011Overkill
Public Choice2010Abzolium
Public Choice2009Chubby Chase Race
Most Helpful Group2009Archaic
Best Exhibition2010Abzolium
Best Exhibition2009Penalty of Heroes
Best Game - Open and Invitational2008Dark Room
Best Serious Game2007Wobble Trouble
Best Serious Game2008GameRider
Best Serious Game2010Colorless
Best Serious Game2009Ghost Written
JADE Project Award2009Archaic
JADE Project Award2008Fairytale
Best Presentation2018Take My Shift
Best Arcade Experience2018Coal Rush
Student Choice2018Momentum Drift
The Social Game Award2018Twined
Public Choice2018Bench Warmers
Public Choice2018Neon Nemesis
The Innovation Award2018Nova Factor
The Woke Award2018Re Leap
Expression in Game Design2018Momentum Drift
Jury Spotlight2018Bolt and Bobby
Jury Spotlight2018Symbio
Best in Show2019Flubbermonkeys
Jury Spotlight2019Argelite
Jury Spotlight2019Cast by Light
Public Choice2019Itty Bitty Kitty RUN
Student Choice2019Argelite
The Innovation Award2019Neck 'n' Neck
Best Art Direction2019Candle Detective
Excellence in Storytelling2019Candle Detective
Best Arcade Experience2019SnowDown
The Social Game Award2019Flubbermonkeys
Best Exhibition2019Vincere
Best in Show2020Chairadesonline public choice
Best Game Feel2020Kitsuninjasonline public choice
Best Level Design2020Kitsuninjasonline public choice
The Innovation Award2020Chairadesonline public choice
Best Storytelling2020A Letter From Momoonline public choice
Best Art Direction2020Urskogonline public choice
Best Audio2020KeyRivalsonline public choice
Best Presentation2020Chairadesonline public choice
Best in Show2021Amelite
Best Game Feel2021Amelite
The Innovation Award2021Into the Dungeons
Best Level Design2021Amelite
Best Storytelling2021Daidala
Best Art Direction2021Aescension
Best Audio2021Aescension
Best Presentation2021Amelite
Public Choice2021The Slappeningonline public choice
Best Game Feel2022Memories of Misery1st year project
Best Level Design2022Fail Fail Succeed2nd year project
The Innovation Award2022Shake Back To Life1st year project
Best Storytelling2022Korbin's Journal2nd year project
Best Presentation2022Rug Racers: Ultimate1st year project
Best Art Direction2022Robots in Battle2nd year project
Best Audio Design2022Hugwave 1st year master project
Public Choice2022Wobblodds2nd year project
Student Choice2022Rug Racers: Ultimate1st year project
Jury Spotlight for Academic Excellence2022 Väsen3rd year project
Jury Spotlight for UX Design Excellence2022Four Flipper Forest 1st year project
Jury Spotlight for Excellence in Genre2022Walking Home Studios3rd year project
Best in Show2022Hugwave 1st year master project