Love Dart

In Love Dart you play as the love God Cupid whose on a mission to help lonely people find the love of their life. But all is not just flowers and kisses; there are minions of Despair in disguise posing as humans.

Use your Crossbow of Love to shoot and match couples as well as to eliminate the Despairs’ hate and turn then back into normal humans.

Using infrared lights (attached to a headset) in coordinance with a Wii remote the game will be able to track your head movement. This allows you to interact with the game by both moving around as well as by aiming and shooting with your Crossbow of Love (equipped with a second Wii remote working as a lightgun).

Love Dart is a PC game made in Unity.


  • Daniel Michaneck – Scrum Master
  • Sharon Kilili – Project Management
  • Mathilda Rabe – Product Owner
  • Eric Gleisner – Game Design
  • Amr Rustom – Graphics
  • Jesper Pettersson – Programing

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Wizdoom is a 2.5D game with android phones used as controls for both voice input and trackpads. The game was developed for PC, and used Unity, Photoshop and Visual Studio.


  • Hassan Akoushli & Patryk Stefaniak – Graphic,
  • Ella Fernström – Programmer
  • Mattias van derKolk – Programmer,
  • Adam Sandin – Game Designer & Project Owner,
  • Pontus Jakobsson – Project Manager & Scrum Master

Neck ‘n’ Neck

Neck ‘n’ Neck is a 2D side scrolling “giraffe” racing game focused mainly towards children. Speed is controlled by dodging obstacles by moving the “giraffes” neck up and down and jumping over ground obstacles.
Neck ‘n’ Neck was developed in Unity for PC using Photoshop, Logic Pro, and Reaper.

Neck ‘n’ Neck won the Innovation Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2019 and was invited to exhibit at the 2020 alt.ctrl.GDC in San Francisco.


  • Joseph Delatolas – Programmer,
  • Axel Thomsen – Programmer,
  • Erik Norstedt – Project Manager,
  • Marina Arknell – Lead Designer,
  • Marcel Lang – Art Director,
  • Stefan Ă–vergaard – Project Manager

Neck ‘n’ Neck on Facebook

Dust Rider

Dust Rider – A game showcasing a possible future for the mankind. This game is built for PC utilizing our very own controller in the shape of a windsurfing board. This controller lets you fly over the surface of the planet Mars. As a player you will navigate through unforgiving terrain and enemy outposts, while collecting as much resources as possible.


  • Max Hemberg – Project Manager,
  • Ludwig Josefsson – Designer,
  • Audrius Labanauskas – Programmer,
  • Fernando Garcia – Graphics Artist,
  • Liam Ryner – Graphics Artist