Neon Strike

Fight your opponent by boxing a punching bag and moving/defending with a dance mat. Best of three rounds win. Use well timed punches and defenses to defeat your opponent.

One punching bag for each player with four input buttons on each. Top left/right for left/right head punch. Bottom left/right for left/right body punch. Dance mats will be used for movement and defense. A player blocks when walking backwards/away from his opponent.


  • Petter Willebrand Vinnberg – Designer / Product Owner.
  • Nicklas Svanäng – Scrum Master/Backup artist.
  • Angelos Motso – Assist Scrum Master/Sound responsible.
  • Jesper Persson – Programming, Code.
  • Malek Sharabi – Programming, Code.
  • Cristiana de Lacerda – Lead artist.
  • Chava Angeli Toptsou – Artist.

Itty Bitty Kitty Run

Itty Bitty Kitty Run is a high energy 2D platform side scroller where two players has to fight over control of the shared player character using their hands and feet. The player in control has to run and jump over obstacles and get as many points as possible, while the other player has to charge up an attack to take their place. The game runs on PC and is played on a catlike arcade featuring a unique step input device, a spinnable trackball and two very pressable buttons.

Itty Bitty Kitty Run earned the prestigious Public Choice award at the Gotland Game Conference 2019.



Vincere is a chariot racing game where YOU can become the Roman Champion!The game is created using the Unity Engine, and it will be played on the PC.

Vincere won Best Exhibition at the Gotland Game Conference 2019.


  • Ida Edberg – Designer
  • Greta Minkevičiūtė – Artist
  • Levi Taillefer – Artist
  • Kaan Barış Bıçak – Programmer

Cast By Light

Control the light, to find your light. Cast By Light is a 2D single player puzzle game created for arcade and mobile. The player controls the sun with a rotating dial, creating shadows in the game to solve environmental puzzles to help the protagonist of the game Ann to find her lost partner in a grueling world where the sun is dangerous and the only way is to navigate through the shadows. Can you help Ann to find the way?

Cast By Light at the Gotland Game Conference 2019

Cast by Light was awarded the Jury Spotlight Award at the GGC 2019!


  • Josefine Skeppström – Designer,
  • Anette Essel – Graphics Artist,
  • Tove Wahlberg – Graphics Artist,
  • Karam Hariri – Programming ,
  • Erik Sander Glastra – Project Manager,
  • Miguel Redondo – Programming

Cast By Light on the Web: