Become a bird for a day by putting on feathers and a bird tail and set out into the world of the bird dating universe! Use your body to browse through bird profiles, get a match, and woo your date by dancing to the rhythm of the beat! Perhaps a lumberjack, bodybuilder, or fancy pigeon is the match for you? The more successful dates you go on the higher score you obtain. It’s about quantity, not quality, okay? Compete with your friends, family, or strangers to try to get the highest score and win a place on the high score board.

Kvitter at the 2023 Gotland Game Conference showfloor
Kvitter at the 2023 Gotland Game Conference showfloor

This game is played on a PC using the Microsoft Kinect and Joycons to detect body movement.

Kvitter won Best Presentation and Best in Show at the Gotland Game Conference 2023!


Nom Köhler- Product owner
Lilly Ahlqvist – Scrum master
Philip Ågren Oskarsson – Programer
William Hammarlund – Programer/ QA
Mirjam Bäck – Grapichs
Hannah Rydberg – Grapichs
Nils Jobs – Sound and Music

Flap Off

In Flap Off, players take on the role of a bird and compete against other birds in a high-speed race through a 3D world. Using intuitive wing controls, players must flap their way through a variety of obstacles, such as trees, cars, lamps, and buildings. The game’s physics engine simulates the experience of flying, giving players a truly immersive experience. With player vs player gameplay along with a leaderboard, Flap off offers endless hours of competitive flying fun.

Flap Off won the Public Choice Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2023.


  • Douty Widen – Product Owner/Build responsible
  • Viktor Danielsson – Scrum Master
  • Hammad Shahid Pervaiz – Art lead
  • Nils Howland – Programming lead
  • Newton Neto – Artist
  • Gustav Törnlund – Artist
  • Kerem Akin – Artist
  • Göksen Arda Pakkan – Programmer

Several Raccoons in a Trenchcoat

In this cooperative two-player arcade game you and your partner must balance a stack of raccoons riding a unicycle. Pedal forward, duck to avoid obstacles and bend over to pick up as many raccoons as you can to beat the high-score!

Several Raccoons in a Trenchcoat on the GGC 2023 show floor

Experience a custom-built arcade input, where one player controls the unicycle with real bike pedals, while the other balances the character’s weight by tilting its head.

This game brings players closer, whether they are strangers, friends, enemies or lovers. It was developed for arcade and PC, using Unity, Procreate, Krita, Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI.

Several Raccoons in a Trenchcoat won Best Arcade Experience at the Gotland Game Conference 2023!


  • Sam Nilsson – Product owner, Art Director
  • Adele Zemdikhanova – Project Manager, Scrum Master
  • Anton Hallgren – Lead Programmer
  • Philip Blom – Carpenter, Physical input, Foley, Supporting Programmer
  • Maja Wijk – Artist, Lead Background Artist
  • Emma Andersson – Concept Artist, Lead Character Artist, Animator
  • Jiao Rosenqvist – QA, Artist, Audio Designer
  • Claire Delhomme – Artist, Animator, Supporting Programmer

Rug Racers: Ultimate

Rug Racers: Ultimate is a competitive, frenetic racing game aimed toward “general audiences”. Children and adults alike who enjoy competing with friends and family, fun casual (maybe) racing games and who enjoy a colourful pixel art style game. The game is developed for PC. The player will interact with the game using a Wii mote attached to a “Persian style” carpet to simulate the movements of steering a flying carpet.

Download and play Rug Racers: Ultimate on itch.io!

Rug Racers: Ultimate won Best Presentation and Student Choice at the 2022 Gotland Game Conference!


  • Dylan Kühl – Producer (Project Manager)
  • Rasmus Larsson Löfgren – Product Owner (Programmer)
  • Felix Klintö – Designer (Open Minor)
  • Eero Mutka – Lead Programmer
  • Alisa Kontorovic – Character Artist
  • Ottar Paulus – Environment Artist