KeyRivals is a 1v1 split screen, 2D rhythm game where you play notes and use power ups to disrupt your opponent while controlling caricatures of popular musicians. Battle with your friends or enemies and see who gets the most score! This game was developed for PC and used Unity, Photoshop, Illustrator and Logic Pro X.

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KeyRivals won Best Audio at the Gotland Game Conference 2020 show case!


  • Alexander Uray – Producer,
  • Oliver Svensson – Product Owner and QA,
  • Leo Wognum – Audio and animation,
  • Desislava Atanasova – 2D art and animation,
  • Valentyn Lyevyentsov – 2D art and animation,
  • Jad Tawbi – Scripting,
  • Guillem Blanch Riambau – Scripting

Saving Blue

In Saving Blue you get to experience the struggle for survival of a fish in todays plastic polluted oceans. Take control over the fish “Blue” and help him escape a fishing net that is chasing him, by only controlling Blues tail fin. Steer through a littered 2D level into freedom to help saving Blue.

Saving Blue is played with a real fish-sculpture. You control the tail fin in the game, with the tail fin in real life. Developed for PC, tools used: Unity, Visual Studio, Photoshop & Reaper.

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  • Simon Börjesson – Artist & Sound Designer
  • Elliot Padazakos – Lead Programmer & QA
  • Florian Ritter – Product Owner
  • Daniel Gligorov – Programmer
  • Ratmir Shchadrynski – Programmer
  • Ioana Parosu – Producer
  • Kenia Courtar – Artist

Floaty Animals

Control an inflated animal, pump air and steer through an obstacle course to be the first to make it to the goal! Compete in two exciting game modes, Classic and Survival!
Classic mode revolves all around fun bounciness. Immerse yourself in a cute racing adventure with no strict limitations.

In Survival mode, floaty animals will constantly run out of air. Collect heart power-ups in order not to lose your charming bounciness and win the race.

There are 19 playable unique animals and 4 themed stages to compete in. Powerful power-ups will help you find new paths, overtake your opponents and push them out of the way.

Floaty Animals is an adorable game made in Unity specifically for all animal lovers. It runs on Windows and Mac. Enjoy bouncing!

Floaty Animals

  • Liang Zhang – Producer & Management
  • Kiana Geno Schmoll – Product Owner & Graphics
  • Jiakun Li – Graphics & QC
  • Diwei Lyu – Programming & Animation
  • Daniel Burt – Programming & Hardware

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Memory Lane

Memory Lane is a single-player puzzle game presented in a 2D environment. By directing the light of a lamp to reveal hidden objects and interacting with them in various creative ways, the player can solve a series of unique puzzle levels. The game is presented from the point of view of a young child; by reconstructing her memories one by one, players will get the chance to discover her story and find their own interpretation of its meaning.

Memory Lane is a PC game made in Unity.

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  • Andrej Dudoglo – Project Manager
  • Klara Pranke – Artist
  • Helena Sångberg – Artist
  • Stephanie Schlund – Programmer
  • Filippo Crocchini – Programmer
  • Gustav de Jong – Sound Designer