Animation Cinema!

Animation cinema at the Gotland Game Conference 2011
Film requires big screen and big sound to be experienced properly. That’s why the animators of Gotland University hosts a fully pimped-out movie theater at the Gotland Game Conference.

The Animation Cinema is where you go to enjoy all the animations in one comfortable sitting; complete with air conditioner and free, fresh popcorns. ūüôā

The show starts every half hour and is entirely free of charge!

Animation cinema at the Gotland Game Conference 2011

Clouiseem – Junkyard of my mind is a website where you’ll find decoupage paintings by me, Louise Mellerg√•rd. I’ve made them using napkins, glue and loads of trash like old money, stamps, paper cutouts etc. Simply put the paintings represent the junkyard of my mind.

To make this film I’ve used 3Ds Max for modeling and animating. Then I used After Effects and Premiere Pro to edit the animation, cut the music and render the whole film.

Louise Mellergård


MellergårdLouise_shot1_stillbild innan film börjar