Beatrice is a text-based story game for PC. You play as Beatrice who finds herself sitting on a beach. You can feel that you have a connection with someone else and they are doing something in a place close to you. You can write messages to the other person to influence their actions and try to convince them to help you. As the other person finds your messages you learn more about yourself and the possible consequences of their actions.

Tools used: Unity, Visual Studio, Blender, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Sketchbook, Twine, Reaper, Garage Band, Trello.

Beatrice won The Innovation Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2023.


  • Benjamin Svensson – Design and narrative,
  • Mattis Lindqvist – Graphics and concept art,
  • Max Marshall – Sound design and music,
  • Melika Haghikia – Graphics and concept art,
  • Nicolas Hammar – Project management and design,
  • Jonathan Persson – Programming,
  • Carolina Bernárdez Martínez – Narrative and design


Become a bird for a day by putting on feathers and a bird tail and set out into the world of the bird dating universe! Use your body to browse through bird profiles, get a match, and woo your date by dancing to the rhythm of the beat! Perhaps a lumberjack, bodybuilder, or fancy pigeon is the match for you? The more successful dates you go on the higher score you obtain. It’s about quantity, not quality, okay? Compete with your friends, family, or strangers to try to get the highest score and win a place on the high score board.

Kvitter at the 2023 Gotland Game Conference showfloor
Kvitter at the 2023 Gotland Game Conference showfloor

This game is played on a PC using the Microsoft Kinect and Joycons to detect body movement.

Kvitter won Best Presentation and Best in Show at the Gotland Game Conference 2023!


Nom Köhler- Product owner
Lilly Ahlqvist – Scrum master
Philip Ågren Oskarsson – Programer
William Hammarlund – Programer/ QA
Mirjam Bäck – Grapichs
Hannah Rydberg – Grapichs
Nils Jobs – Sound and Music


Illume is a side-scrolling 3d puzzle platformer where objects only appear when you shine some light upon them. You never fight the world – you create, change and heal it.

Immerse in an atmospheric journey through emptiness, use light to solve puzzles and turn dead and cold darkness into a charming world full of whimsical groves and magnificent gardens.

Play Illume on!

Illume won Best Art Design at the Gotland Game Conference 2023.


Alisa Kontorovic – Product Owner, Designer, Technical Artist, 3D Artist;
Brian Barikhan – Producer, Scrum Master, Level Designer;
Tereza Palmonová – 3D Artist, Concept Artist, Video Editor;
Hedda Borg Rundqvist – QA, Sound Designer, Composer;
Sebastian Norderäng – Programmer;
Yu Yongqin – Programmer;
Daniel Mardunovich – Programmer.

Ball Bash

Ball Bash is a 3D fast paced local multiplayer racing game developed for PC. You can use customized ability sets to gain an advantage over your opponents. Dash through procedurally generated tracks and environments, and use your skills to avoid the incoming obstacles. Be the last one standing!

BallBash won Best in Show at the Gotland Game Conference 2023.


  • David Canesi – Product Owner
  • Bogdan Serov – Project Manager
  • Viktor Drakenberg – Lead Designer
  • Jiaxing Cao – Programmer
  • Isabell Olsson – 3D Graphics
  • Timon Stepan – 3D Graphics