Candle Detective

Candle Detective is a 3D murder mystery game where you play as a candle detective solving candle crimes. The game’s aesthetics are inspired by film noir and silent movies. The game is being developed for PC and Switch and is made with Unity.

Candle Detective won Best Art Direction and Excellence in Storytelling at the Gotland Game Conference 2019!


  • Mija Causey -Product Owner,
  • Kristina Stiskaite -Producer,
  • Merve Metinkol -Art,
  • Josefine Ringstad -Art,
  • Kaijun Wang -Code,
  • Magdalena Bondjers -Social Media

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Colossal Chaos

A 3D destruction runner developed for the PC, where the player needs to save their village from a rampaging giant. The player jumps onto the shoulders of the giant and tries to steer the stampeding beast out of the village by twisting its head. Get ready for a dramatic ride filled with broken buildings, frightened farmers, and maybe a few crumbled cathedrals!

Tools used: Unity, Visual Studio, Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter.


  • Alex Bergendorff Ramirez – Designer
  • Pelle Forsmark – Project Manager
  • Josephine Bengtsson – 2D Art
  • Johannes Burström – 3D Art
  • Lukas Clausson – Programming
  • Robert Veres – Programming

Facebook: MireLight
Instagram: @mirelightofficial

it’s Raining Sloths

It’s Raining Sloths is a single player game which takes places in 3D environment. The game has a first person camera perspective with all of its focus on a tree that you as the main character, a Sloth, are climbing. The challenge of the game is to grab and safely carry sloth babies, that are falling from their nest, in order to return them to their parents.

The game and its alternative input are made to provide players with an intense tree climbing experience. Our input is a climbing mat, making players do physical exercise, much like climbing in order to simulate the ascension to the top of the tree.


  • Milana Kononkova – Product Owner ,
  • Marina Kostrova – Gameplay and UI Programmer,
  • Isak Forsberg – Gameplay and Debug Programmer,
  • Sini Tang – Scrum Master,
  • Liam Forsberg – Brand Manager and Arcade-Booth Director,
  • Lukas Larsson – 3D Artist, 2D Animator and Art Director,
  • Jarl Erik Wilhelm Andrén – 3D Artist and 3D Animator

it’s Raining Sloths on Facebook

Tellus Tantrum

Tellus Tantrum is an arcade game set in the not so distant future where the polar ices has melted due to global warming caused by overpopulation and pollution. It’s inhabitants has not learned their lesson and are continuing to pollute the earth. Earth needs your help and you are now tasked with protecting the earth by using natural disaster such as earthquakes and hurricanes in order to prevent the pollution from escalating any further.


  • Oliver Marklund – Scrum Master,
  • Tobias Norén – Product Owner,
  • Felix Almqvist – Programmer,
  • Emil Dymek – Programmer,
  • August Wigg – Artist,
  • Max Niva – Artist.

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