Beatrice is a text-based story game for PC. You play as Beatrice who finds herself sitting on a beach. You can feel that you have a connection with someone else and they are doing something in a place close to you. You can write messages to the other person to influence their actions and try to convince them to help you. As the other person finds your messages you learn more about yourself and the possible consequences of their actions.

Tools used: Unity, Visual Studio, Blender, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Sketchbook, Twine, Reaper, Garage Band, Trello.

Beatrice won The Innovation Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2023.


  • Benjamin Svensson – Design and narrative,
  • Mattis Lindqvist – Graphics and concept art,
  • Max Marshall – Sound design and music,
  • Melika Haghikia – Graphics and concept art,
  • Nicolas Hammar – Project management and design,
  • Jonathan Persson – Programming,
  • Carolina Bernárdez Martínez – Narrative and design

Painted Peril

Embark on a thrilling adventure through procedurally generated caves as you fight your way back to the surface. Collect color pigments from enemies and mix them to cast powerful spells, each with unique effects and attributes. Use your mastery of color to overcome obstacles and efficiently defeat your enemies on your journey home. The game was made using Unity and it is made for PC.

Painted Peril won a Jury Spotlight Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2023.


  • Hedy Pettersson
  • Samuel Dahlborg
  • Guillermo Muñoz
  • Peiran Wei
  • Markus Grahn
  • Emil Ekroth

Bullet Dance

Bullet Dance is an anime-as-hell, fast-paced top-down rhythm bullet hell, where the goal is to reach the top of a giant tower in which bosses shoot barrages of projectiles to the beat of an hyper music that adapts to what is happening on screen – but there’s a twist: your only form of attack is hitting back the projectiles with your trusty baseball bat.

Bullet Dance has been developed for PC using Unity.

Bullet Dance won Best Audio Design and the Students’ Choice Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2023!


  • Mohammed Diab – Product Owner, Sound, Music.
  • Wiktor Åström – Scrum Master, QA, Marketing
  • Ottar Paulus – Graphics
  • Nhi Haong – Graphics
  • Rasmus Löfgren – Programming
  • Daniel Mardunovich – Programming
  • An Le – Programming
  • Mattias Axelsson – Level design, QA
  • Ayca Durmuş – Writing
  • Jiahe Xing- Graphics

Korbin’s Journal

In Korbin’s Journal, you will take on the role of Korbin, the plague doctor. Patients will come to your apothecary seeking treatment, and it is up to you to cure their ailments. Use different tools to find symptoms and craft potions. See your actions reflect on the townsfolk. Will you do your duty?

Play Korbin’s Journal on!

  • Question & examine your patients
  • Use the journal to find diseases matching your findings
  • Follow the instructions in the journal to create a  potion
  • See the results of treatments at the end of each day 
Korbin’s Journal at the GGC 2022 showfloor

Korbin’s Journal won Best Storytelling at the Gotland Game Conference 2022!


  • Lily Ovsakova – Artist
  • Nora Ekeblad – Project Owner and Artist
  • Martin Johansson – Programmer
  • Iulia Armegioiu – Programmer
  • Radim Pistek – Scrum Master and Writer
  • Robin Ahlgren – QA and Writer