Amelite is available on Steam

Amelite is a 2D platformer that will challenge your creativity in this new take on a classic genre. Create your own path as the power of drawing platforms is in YOUR hands.

Find yourself at the bottom of an abandoned and mystical tower, overgrown by dangerous crystals. With the help of a peculiar creature, climb your way to the top through an ever challenging environment, and find your way home. Leap over gaping holes, block incoming projectiles, or wall-jump in tandem with your own walls. Amelite is a game packed with creative challenges, and every player is free to make their own solutions! 

This game has been developed for PC, and using a mouse is highly recommended. The game is also compatible with drawing tablets. 

During the 2021 Gotland Game Conference Amelite won Best In Show, Best Game Feel, Best Level Design and Best Presentation.


  • Oliver Lincke – Director, Environmental Art
  • Sabina Hallmén – Producer, Narrative, PR
  • Amanda Östman – Assistant Producer, SFX, VFX
  • Cédric Le Therisien – Gameplay Design, Level Design, QA
  • Pontus Canholm – Programming, Level Design
  • Fabian Larsson – Programming
  • Frida Björnfot – Art Direction, VFX & Rendering
  • Erik Börjesson – Animation, Storyboards
  • Sander Wellmar – Music

Saving P.I.P.O.

Saving P.I.P.O. (Plant In Pot Organism) is a grid-based, top-down single-player 2D puzzle game. The mysterious robot U-BOT (Unregistered Botanical Organizer-T) finds itself the only thing that can save the helpless plants from death and despair.

Push the plant through the spaceship to the Rescue spot to save P.I.P.O.
Avoid dangerous fires in the treacherously small areas and move P.I.P.O. to safety.


Chop Squad

Designed to be a multiplayer party game but can be played solo as well (no one said you can’t party on your own). You ideally use a controller (but keyboard works as well) to grab food OR pinch your opponents to deny them food, both actions use your weapon of choice: chopsticks.

  • Oliver Fahlström – Programmer
  • Danai Katsoula Johansson – Artist
  • Thérèse Lundqvist – Product Owner
  • Shai Panaga – Lead Artist
  • Jungbin Sir – Artist
  • Alex Sokolov – Lead Programmer
  • Albin Westberg – Producer, Lead Tester
  • Special thanks to Ville Wickman for composing the music!

Into the Dungeons

Take on the role as the dungeon master and figure out how to fulfill the prophecies set out before you by placing traps and lures in order to trap, trick and slay the naive adventurers threading Into the Dungeons…

Into the Dungeons won The Innovation Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2021.


  • Pontus Hansson – Director, Composser
  • Emelie Lengefur – Programmer
  • Björn Johansson – Programmer
  • Alva Åberg – Lead Character Designer
  • Adam Westeson – Lead UI Designer
  • Stefan Williams – Lead Environment Designer
  • Sam Aziminejad – Lead QA, Lead Level Designer
  • Joel Uisk – Producer, QA assistant, Level Designer