Draw your katana, pick up your shurikens, and fight for the glory of the Kitsune clan! Kitsuninjas is an arena fighting game for up to 4 competitors in local multiplayer on the PC, set in the feudal (and animal) kingdom of Japan. Use stealth, speed, and cunning to come out on top in this foxy fighting-frenzy!

Kitsuninjas was awarded Best Game Feel and Best Level Design at the Gotland Game Conference 2020 show case!

Download and play Kitsuninjas!

Made with: Unreal Engine 4, Visual Studio 2019, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Motionbuilder, Blender, Substance Alchemist, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop, Krita, PureRef, and TabletPro.


  • Axel Thomsen – programming
  • Erik Norstedt – level design / additional art / product owner
  • Felix Almqvist – programming
  • Lukas Larsson – 3D-models / animations / VFX / concept art
  • Marcel Lang – 3D-models / textures / concept art
  • Oliver Marklund – project management / additional art / scrum master
  • Pelle Forsmark – production / audio / playtesting

Music composed by Amanda Östman


Urskog – meaning from which the forest originated, is a relaxing and atmospheric first-person puzzle game, where you solve nature-based puzzles and discovering the secrets of the forest…

Take a break and meditate, and let the wisps lead the path through the forest. Solve simple puzzles and find out where the wisps are taking you. By following and rescuing the-wisps, you are heading deeper into the mystical forest and on the way, meditating in ancient stone circles to open up the way to the next wisp.

– Stylized 3D graphic
– Relaxing and calming music
– Nature-based puzzles
– In-game meditation
– Realistic nature sounds

The game has been developed for PC using the game engine UE4, and software programs such as Maya, Photoshop, Logic Pro X, and Audacity.

Urskog was awarded Best Art Direction at the Gotland Game Conference 2020 show case!

Download and play Urskog!


  • Project Manager – Pontus Jakobsson
  • Level Designer – Marika Ohlsson
  • Art Direction – Amanda Backlund
  • 2D Artist – Frida Grahn
  • Technical Artist – Johannes Burström
  • Lead & Gameplay Programmer – Kaan Baris ‘Peace’ Bicak
  • UI Programmer – Emil Gårdh
  • Composer – Marcus Vallgren
  • Quality Assurance – Ozberk Alpay

A Letter From Momo

Download and play A Letter From Momo!

A Letter From Momo is a first person puzzle game about rediscovering lost heritage. As you walk around Momo’s old house you have to solve puzzles to be able to decipher the true meaning behind the mysterious letter that sent you there.

The game is made mainly for PC, and is made with the programs Unity, Maya, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop, and GIMP.

A Letter From Momo was awarded the Excellence in Storytelling award at the Gotland Game Conference 2020 show case!


  • Hanna Isaksson – 2D/3D Art
  • Anton Kim Johnsson – 3D Art
  • Anna Wuolo – Narrative/Story writer
  • Sharon Kilili – Project Manager
  • Johan Dahlstedt – Programming
  • Oskar Bergman – Puzzle Design


Download and play Chairades!

Your goal is to assemble a chair using the given budget to please your customers. You can buy all the materials your heart desires: planks, beams, books – even cacti and bowling balls. You can move, rotate and connect them. Once you are satisfied with your creation, your customer will enter the room and sit on it, determining if it is worth purchasing.

Chairades was voted Best in Show and won Best Presentation and The Innovation Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2020 show case!


  • Jan Plähn – Programmer
  • Ana Laura Martinez – 3D Artist
  • Natali Arvidsson – 3D Artist