The Slappening

The Slappening is a 3D, single player platformer game for PC. Play as a kid trying to escape the school after being traumatized from being slapped after a haircut. Roll around and spit your way through the halls, and avoid the hands at all costs. Discover the handy cast and their quirks as you fight for your neck.

Nominated for Swedish Game Awards 2021, Game of the Year & Best Art Direction. Winner of Gotland Game Conference 2021 Public Choice Award.


  • Christian Le Roux: 3D environment and graphics, level design
  • Desislava Atanasova: 3D environment and graphics, level design
  • Eskil Ettehag: Engineering , programming, level design
  • Jad Tawbi: Programming, level design, QA
  • Leo Wognum: 3D environment and graphics, animation, music & sound design, level design
  • Peter Mathiesen: 3D environment and graphics, level design
  • Sarah Norén: Producer, UI designer, level design, QA
  • Theo Flejmer: GGC responsible, QA lead, UI programmer, design


Explore a new alien world with your boat.

Ortus is a 3D exploration-driven puzzler developed for PC using Maya and Unity. Solve puzzles using plant DNA in order to leave a massive water cave system and uncover what happened to the species that used to live there. Navigate the cave using your boat but also by foot. If you want to be immersed in an atmospheric environment whilst uncovering the lost knowledge of an alien race in a puzzler this is the game for you.


  • George-Gabriel Rentia – 3D Artist
  • Elian Rowan Morgana – 3D Artist
  • Caroline Johansson – Concept Artist
  • Dominykas Jecius – UI & Concept Artist
  • Ivan Kholod – Programmer
  • Teemu Laiho – Programmer
  • Mingxiao Jiang – Programmer
  • Irma Andersson – Project Manager & Artist
  • Jonathan Persson – Project Manager & Level Designer
  • Leo Wognum – Music

A Crow’s Quest to World Domination

A 3rd person 3D game about an evil crow that wants to rule the world. You can also poop! Have you always dreamt about playing a game as a power-hungry crow set to take over the world? If yes then this is just the game for you! The first step in your quest for world domination is to get rid of the humans plaguing the park where you’ve established your base of operation. Caw, poop, and peck at their heads in order to collect their skulls and claim the land that is rightfully yours! Soon the world will be at your… feet?


  • Sofie Magnusson – Product Owner & Level Designer
  • Ioana Parosu – Producer
  • Elin Hage – Lead Programmer
  • Klara Pranke – Lead 3D Artist
  • Oliver Rågmo – 3D Environment Artist
  • Ziren Nichakarn Meesamer – 3D Character Artist
  • Daniel Lagnebratt – QA & Sound Designer

Urskog (2021)

A relaxing first-person puzzle game in which you explore a painterly stylized forest, using powers to solve puzzles and to discover the secrets of the forest.

Immerse yourself in this first glimpse of the painterly stylized forest level of Urskog, a relaxing first-person puzzle game where you solve puzzles using the powers of the elements to solve puzzles: in this level the Wind Power.

This is the beginning of a journey to the depths of a mysterious forest. Take your first steps into the forest and explore the meandering rivers, the deep caves, and the rolling hills. What secrets does the forest hold? Where will the spirit animal lead you? Look inwards and use your intuition to find the first clues about the mystical adventure that lies ahead…

From last year’s Gotland Game Conference 2020 vertical slice of Urskog, the team has been developing the full game concept of Urskog, and now created a pre-alpha version of the first level.


  • Johannes Burström – Technical Artist, Level Designer, Lead Graphics Artists
  • Frida Grahn – Animator, Graphics Artists & Music Composer
  • Amanda Backlund – Graphics Artists, Sound Design 
  • Marika Ohlsson – Level Designer, Sound Design
  • Emil Gårdh – Programmer Gameplay
  • Jari Hanski – Programmer Gameplay
  • Pontus Jakobsson – Project Management, Sound Design