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DONNA DAY is a day for female, trans, and non-binary game developers who love games to gather, make new connections, and have fun. It is an excellent opportunity to meet professional game developers in the industry and receive practical advice on how to prepare for the gaming industry through workshops, lectures, panels, and roundtable discussions. You will also receive a student ticket to the Sweden Game Conference, which focuses on game development on October 4th.

When? Lunch on Tuesday, October 2 – lunch on October 3, 2024
Where? Insikten, Science Park Skövde

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Immersive Aesthetics: VR, Larp, and Art

Join us for our lecture in the Erasmus EDGE Event Series: “Immersive Aesthetics: VR, Larp, and Art” by Nadja Lipsyc! This bonus event is part of our Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership for curriculum development in transformative game design.

When: Monday, June 17 from 7:00-8:30pm CEST
Where: Online on Zoom

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This research explores the aesthetics of immersive and interactive storytelling in Virtual Reality, around the development of a role-playing game inspired by the film Stalker (1979) by Tarkovsky. Named Lone Wolves Stick Together, this VR experience borrows from larp (live action role-play), video games, sound installations, and film to explore how to use the full creative potential of digital immersion. As the first larp fully developed as a standalone VR experience, Lone Wolves Stick Together poses as a proof of concept of the viability and intuitivity of the form, but also opens reflections on ethics of technology and co-creation. The wider discussion around VR and larp will bridge towards transformation: through role-play, but also through virtual bodies and prosthetics, and through reality-testing as a mean to seek personal and social change.

Presenter bio:
Nadja Lipsyc is a game designer, artist, and researcher with an education in neuroscience and audiovisual production. She recently completed her PhD in Artistic Research at the The Norwegian Film School. She works with videogames, film, VR stories, experimental theater, installation art, larp and teaches at the Oslo school of Architecture and Design. Her work often stages surreal and symbolic universes tied to contemporary critical questions.

The presenter is a volunteer for Erasmus EDGE, a joint Higher Education Cooperation Partnership project between Uppsala University, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Dragons’ Nest, Chaos League, and Avalon Larp Studio.

This series is hosted by the Games & Society Lab at the Department of Game Design, Uppsala University Campus Gotland. The series explores the use of analog role-playing games as vehicles for lasting personal and social change.

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Graphic design by Kate Blomgren and Daria Shpak.

Sarah Lynne Bowman, on behalf of EDGE
Senior Lecturer, Department of Game Design
Uppsala University Campus Gotland

Join the Fair Play Jam, 4-6 Oct!

✨🌈Applications for Fair Play Jam 2024 are open! 🌈✨

We are super excited to be running Fair Play Jam in collaboration with Outi Laiti. This 3 day game jam is all about growing game design skills in fairness, cultural sensitivity and racial equity 💖🎮

It’s open for all levels and types of game formats, and it features free training and mentoring by anti-racist experts!

Especially recommended for students!

Applications are open until July 15th!

Fair Play Jam is taking place October 4-6, 2024, at the Department of Game Design – Uppsala University
Applications are open until July 15th