Causality is a action RPG fantasy game with dimension swapping, where you fight monsters with the focus on the combat system. The player will experience Causality from a third person perspective in 3D. Our main aesthetic will be challenging game play. The dimension swapping mechanic will be a way for the player to heal up, it will be a bar which recharges slowly over time and depletes while in use. The player will stay in the same place when switching dimension, the difference will be in the graphics and sound.

Made in Unity, with 3DS Max, Motion Builder, Photoshop, Motive, Substance Painter 2.

Joni Nikander – Producer
Stefan Strandberg – Lead Art
Robin Berneby – Lead Programmer
Axel Eriksson – Lead Design
Christoffer Lövdahl – Gameplay Programmer
Niklas Ericsson – Artist

Baby, I’m Robot!

An open-world, roguelike with exploration, crazy weapon upgrades and a whole lot of love.

Baby, I’m Robot! shows the consequences of a robot falling in love with a human. Spoiler: that robot gets banished to an island filled with dangerous, defective robots. That robot then has to fight those scary robots in order to find its way back civilization, to be reunited with its love.

Baby, I’m Robot! Is a pixel art, roguelike action game where you explore procedurally generated islands, upgrade your weapons and (hopefully) defeat a lot of strange robots.

Baby, I’m Robot! Is made for the PC with Unity and Aseprite.

Anders Jonsson – Producer, programmer,
Marwan Al Salman – Programmer,
Marcus Altin Prytz – Artist


OMNI is a dice-less games that emphasizes skills rather than chance.

OMNI places you in Arbor, a twin planet in the solar system Jua, an arboreal planet,teeming with life. The lay of the land is fertile with Omni crystals decorating the crust. With riches like these, the humans of Arbor are in continual contest over the planet. The three biggest factions, the forest archers of Viralis, the Hildegarns steppe berserkers, and the Birok guardians of Tivla have been fighting over the rule for Arbor for 200 years. OMNI lets you re-enact past battles or build your own in easy to learn scenario-based combat. Fight for you faction in simultaneous combat with potentially any number of opponents and allies. Build as large map as you like and play any setup of teams in the all-out battle for Arbor.

Will you win for the glory of your faction-or be forgotten in the scrolls of time?

Try the print & play version at the OMNI development blog!

Ludwig Lindståhl
Ladbon Monjezi

OMNI was the first board game to ever be nominated – and win – the Best Social Game award at GameConnection in Paris (2016)!


Single player, two avatars, 2.5D platformer.

Explore the world and solve puzzles using the different characters, Terra and Lumi.
The two avatars have unique abilities based on the four elements. Combine their abilities to make clouds to walk on!

This game is built with in Unity. Other programs used are 3ds Max, Photoshop CS, Zbrush and MotionBuilder.

Matilda Nagy – Producer
Tom von Sydow – Level designer
Lisa Wackenhuth Svanström – Lead art
Ellen Mellåker – Artist
Niklas Larsson – Animator
Axel Palmqvist Gillman – Lead code
Oskar Hernberg – Code