You can buy Terrene at TheGameCrafter.com

Terrene is a world building board game where you compete against your friends in building a world, and whoever completes the most quests, creates the most land and gets the most points wins the game! There are different types of quests for different types of landscapes, each with their own value. Depending on which one you build will grant you a different amount of points. Steal quests and land tiles from your enemies, and finish quests before them to prevent them from getting more points.

Terrene at the Gotland Game Conference 2017


Play with your entire family or grab a friend and let the building begin!

Lisa Wackenhuth Svanström – Founder, Artist, Designer
Markus Holm – Designer, Community
Rasmus Lindgren – Designer, Marketing

You can buy Terrene at TheGameCrafter.com


CritterFlux is a game developed for android devices. Your journey begins with the discovery of a curious egg. With some tender loving care, time and warmth, it will eventually hatch into your very own little monster! Feed it, play with it, entertain it, exercise it and even pamper it as you see fit. Like every responsible pet guardian, it’s upto you to mold and shape the new young creature and educate it in the ways of critterhood. Once your critter is ready and old enough, bring it with you outside into the real world in search of food and accessories to further enhance your new friend.

CritterFlux on the Gotland Game Conference 2017 showflorr

CritterFlux on the Gotland Game Conference 2017 showflorr

Producer – Peter Camerini
Lead Design – Ida Andersson Junkka
Lead Artist – Jasmina Softic
Lead Programmer – Christoffer Tornstråle
Lead Sound – Viktor Nordgren
Artist – Ida Andersson Junkka
Programmer – Viktor Nordgren, Peter Camerini

Grave Call

Grave Call is a conditional time-based, asymmetrical multiplayer game based on the communication between two players, one is buried alive and the other one is a police Dispatcher. A phone holds clues for the coffin’s location, which has to be identified before the phone battery runs out. Made with Unity.

Awards: Grave Call won the Innovation Award at Gotland Game Conference 2017 and was one of twenty games from around to the world to be selected for alt.ctl.GDC 2018. Check out their pre-GDC interview over on Gamasutra: Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Grave Call

Producer: Chiara Lorusso
Lead Designer: Mikael Mellros
Lead Programmer: Steven Kolankowski
Programmer: Leo Jansson
Lead Sound: Robin Gerndt
Lead Tech: Mohamad Saleh
Lead Art: Julia Eklund Granstedt

Refracted Fate

Refracted Fate is an adventure-horror puzzle game, in which you utilize your ability to shift between dimensions to overcome the challenges in your path. The challenges have multiple solutions, each gives rise to its own consequences. The game is developed for the PC using; Unreal Engine, Maya, 3Ds Max, Visual Studio, Substance Painter, 3D coat and Perforce.

Pontus Berglund – Lead Designer & Programmer
Ricardo Aranda – Lead Art
Oskar Kervefors – 3D Art
Sanna Lundberg – 3D Art