“Cunt Touch This!”, our sixth and final talk is in place

This talk will touch a particularly hot subject: The vulva. And by extension it will let us consider topics like pleasure, shame and embarrassment in gaming.

you never win ‘over’ the Cunt. You win <strong>for</strong> it.
you never win ‘over’ the Cunt. You win for it.

While games fetishise “fun” they still have a problem embracing subjects like intimacy, sex and pleasure as possible variants of it. Using the case of Cunt Touch This, a vulva-based tablet colouring game designed as a tribute to Tee Corinne’s iconic Cunt Coloring Book, Sabine Harrer will introduce the mechanics of the game and explore some of the “cuntroversial” responses it received.

For a quick taste of what’s in store, we highly recommend this interview by Jess Joho over at Kill Screen – A new game aims to reclaim one of our most taboo words – in which both Sabine and the ever amazing Andrea Hasselager reflect on their work in a flurry of cunt puns. 😀

Sabine is presenting Vulvas on the Tablet: Cunt Touch This at 15:00 on Tuesday 29/5. Sign up for a free visitors pass and come listen!

Yo, Bartender!

Yo, Bartender! puts you in the shoes of a modern day bartender mixing cocktails in a bustling city. Survive the night rush by mixing and serving as fast as you can while making sure you always have the orders right. Do you have what it takes to be a bartender?

Yo, Bartender! was built for PC using Unity and Photoshop.

Yo! Bartender! at the Gotland Game Conference 2017

Yo, Bartender! was selected for the 2018 alt.ctrl.GDC showcase in San Francisco, and the team were interviewed on Gamasutra – Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Yo, Bartender.

Producer: Raoul Man
Lead Designer: Christian Bång
Lead Code: Jacob Lindberg
Lead Art: Alexander Sjöberg
Lead Sound: Jakob Hansen
Lead Tech: Alexandru Capşa
Programmer: Thomas Cairns

The Fiddler

The Fiddler is a game about music, and its ability to influence our emotions.Inspired by folktales and children’s stories, the game lets you take the role of a fiddle-playing spirit helping a young girl on her journey to find herself.

You interact with the game by using a simplified fiddle. By playing a combination of notes, you create songs that make characters feel four different emotions: Joy, Anger, Fear, and Sadness. By creating combinations of emotions, you can make characters interact with one another.

Erin Siikavaara – Producer
Baloo Beckman – Lead Programmer
Tobias Holm – Lead Tech & Programmer
Hanna Hagenmalm – Lead Artist
Elin Tvinne Flyg – Lead Sound & Artist
Leo Thyberg – Lead Designer

Rune Mages

Rune Mages is a top-down, turn based strategy game that puts you in control of a couple of mages that wields runic magic. Demons have invaded the land and it is up to you to push them back and close their portal. Use strategic movement and cover to your advantage and combine runes to create spells that will hurt or hinder the enemies in your path.
Tools used: Unity 5, 3DSMax, Substance Painter, B2M, Motionbuilder, Motive.

Bengt Hagnelius – Producer & Programmer
Philip Olsson – Lead Game Designer & Programmer
Joakim Person – VFX Artist
Jonatan Ersarp – Lead Artist
Linda Thern – Lead Animator
Maximilian Höglund – Lead Programmer
Henrik Järleblad – Composer