A 2D side-scroller runner game emphasizing epic leaps that send you soaring through the sky evoking a feeling of freedom and airborne ecstasy.
ReLeap was developed using Unity, Photoshop, Spriter, and Ableton Live.

Isaac Olander – Art
Linda Khamphoukeo – Art
Benjamin Harbakk – Art
Léo Smith – Sound
Wiktor Ravndal – Code
Vidar Grönros – Tech


Agraria is a grid-based action puzzle game where the player in the role of Harvey, has to catch the mischievous frogs in his farmlands, who’ve stolen his belongings.Plant crops to sprout level-altering vegetation that helps you avoid beasts, create passages and trap the thieving frogs!

Software such as Unity 2017.4.1, FL Studio 11/12, Audacity and Photoshop CC 2018 were used during production.

Antonio Ackalin – Product Owner & Programmer
Arnaud Mimoun -Scrum Master & Project Manager
Alexander Granell – Programmer
Alexander Linde – Artist
Florent Schmidt – Artist

Goblin Doctors

As Goblin Doctors, the player and their partner are tasked with treating as many wounded orcs as possible from a nearby battlefield. The goblins haven’t exactly had professional medical training though…

Goblin Doctors a is casual, isometric top down, local multiplayer, party game with a fantasy theme, developed for PC in Unity using 3DSMax, Substance Painter 2, Photoshop and MotionBuilder.

Svante Livén – Producer
Nils Folker – Game Designer
Måns Möller – Lead Art/Animation
Lukas Graff – Environment Art
Martin Carlsson – Lead Code
Stam Kruajan – Programmer

Eyes Align

A 2D narrative adventure game featuring a murder mystery aboard a shady space station filled to the brim with enigmatic characters.
The player, a human, is by coincidence thrown into a mystery aboard the space station they live in and as the plot thickens, what looks like a murder at first glance turns out to be only a glimpse into the conspiracies that lurk at the very heart of the station.

The game is developed for the PC using Twine 2.0 and Unreal Engine 4.

Awards: Eyes Align won Best Execution in Narrative at the Swedish Game Awards 2017.

Erik Nord – Producer, Lead Designer, Script Writer
Adrian Lavrell – Lead Programming, Sound Engineer
Anders Mauritz Karlsson – Lead Art
Bea Franov – 2D Art