Download and play Chairades!

Your goal is to assemble a chair using the given budget to please your customers. You can buy all the materials your heart desires: planks, beams, books – even cacti and bowling balls. You can move, rotate and connect them. Once you are satisfied with your creation, your customer will enter the room and sit on it, determining if it is worth purchasing.

Chairades was voted Best in Show and won Best Presentation and The Innovation Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2020 show case!


  • Jan Plähn – Programmer
  • Ana Laura Martinez – 3D Artist
  • Natali Arvidsson – 3D Artist

The Quacken

You, as the duckling, must escape the crocodile manor. To do that, you have different mechanics at your disposal which you can figure out by exploring. The game involves hiding from enemies and making your way through each area by going out through a door or down a staircase. It is a stealth puzzle game, targeted at people who like pixel games, stealth puzzle games and retro game fans.

Platform: PC/HTML5
The tools used to make this game: Unity, Visual Studio, WebGL, C#, XML, Pyxel Edit, Aseprite, Github, Gitkraken, Photoshop.

Play The Quacken!


  • Ruta Sapokaite – Pixel Art / Programming
  • Kevin Andersson – Art Direction
  • Vidar Grönros – Level Design / Implementation
  • Marina Arknell – Gameplay Programming / Game Design
  • Daria Dragana Paunchici – Project Management / Level Design
  • David Naußed – Lead Programmer


DEATHDEALER is a First-Person action-platformer game in which you play as a reaper invading people’s minds in order to claim their souls. It was made for the PC platform using Unreal Engine 4.

Download and Play DEATHDEALER!


  • Alexandru Bugnar – Product Owner, Programmer, Level Designer
  • Emma Österlund – Lead Graphics Artist
  • Andrei Cojanu – Scrum Master, Animator
  • Arvid Kallin – Sound Designer, Music Producer
  • Maher Jaber – AI Programmer
  • Hampus Paulsen – VFX Artist

Nailed It

Nailed it is a 2D casual golfing game in which you swing your hammer around to hit the nail! During these rough winter times, the house has taken some serious damage, and it’s up to you fix it! Take control of the hammer, swing it around, and release it at the right time to gain momentum and determine your path. Repair the house with as little turns as possible until you have Nailed it!

Download and play Nailed It!


  • Erik Norstedt – Artist
  • Erik Glastra – Artist
  • Simon Östman – Designer
  • Amanda Östman – Music & Sound
  • Daniel Michaneck – Programmer
  • Felix Almqvist – Programmer