Goblin Doctors

As Goblin Doctors, the player and their partner are tasked with treating as many wounded orcs as possible from a nearby battlefield. The goblins haven’t exactly had professional medical training though…

Goblin Doctors a is casual, isometric top down, local multiplayer, party game with a fantasy theme, developed for PC in Unity using 3DSMax, Substance Painter 2, Photoshop and MotionBuilder.

Svante Livén – Producer
Nils Folker – Game Designer
Måns Möller – Lead Art/Animation
Lukas Graff – Environment Art
Martin Carlsson – Lead Code
Stam Kruajan – Programmer

Penny’s Farm

Penny’s farm is a cooperative farm game where players try to keep the farm profitable for Penny.But times are hard; critters want to eat your crops, chicken keeps running away and the Penny needs her money or she will fire you!

Penny's Farm at the Gotland Game Conference 2017
Penny’s Farm at the Gotland Game Conference 2017
Penny's Farm at the Swedish Game Awards 2017
Penny's Farm at the Swedish Game Awards 2017

Awards: Penny’s Farm won Best 3rd Year Project and Students’ Choice at the Gotland Game Conference 2017. The team also won Gamers Choice! at the Swedish Game Awards 2017.

Anders Jonsson -Code
Nisse Lindblom -Art
Nayomi Arvell -Art
Marwan Al-Salman -Code

Tools: Unity, Blender, 3Ds Max, Photoshop.



Somnium is a 3D, third person puzzle game. In Somnium you play as a seven year old girl named Olivia who ventures inside her own nightmares where she conquers her fears with the help of her cat plushie named Leon. Leon helps her calm down and see the nightmare as something good for a while to help her continue her dream and make it better.

Somnium is built in Unity. Other programs used are Elias, Substance Painter, 3DS Max, MotionBuilder and Photoshop.

Awards: Somnium was awarded Best 2nd Year Project at the Gotland Game Conference 2017.

Madeleine Fjäll – Producer, Artist
Filip Zachrisson Hansen – Lead Designer, Artist
Marcus Quarfordt – Lead Art
Marcus Forslin – Lead Programmer
Anton Olin – Programmer
Anton Nordling – Lead Animator, Artist

The Summoning

The Summoning is a top-down perspective 3D game that will pitch players against each other in an environment of asymmetrical gameplay. In The Summoning you either take on the role as one of the chosen few human soldiers, whose mission is overthrow the ruling demon overlord who’s been tormenting the world for decades. Or you take on the role as that very demon, as you try to prevent the humans from succeeding with their mission.

The game is made in Unity 5, and the assets are primarily made in Photoshop CC, 3Ds Max and Motion Builder.

Simon Ströberg – Producer,
Johan Persson, Lead Design,
Peo Johansson – Lead Sound,
Alexander Pihl – Lead Programmer,
Louse Fändriks,
Filip Carlsson – Senior Programmer