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Ghoulies is an alternate reality, ghost hunting game for teens, ages 13-16.
The players use their smartphones to battle and collect different ghosts and supernatural beings, the so called Ghouls.

Ghoulies make use of various smartphone functions, such as the GPS, gyro and camera to put the player in the middle of an exciting game world, right between reality and fiction.

Ghoulies was awarded Best Second Year project at Gotland Game Conference 2013.

The game is developed for android, and will be playable on pads and smartphones. The tools we have used for coding the game is Eclipse and Java. For the graphics we have been using 3Ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects. For the sounds and music Reason and Goldwave.

Ghoulies Ghoulies Ghoulies Ghoulies

Ghoulies Ghoulies Ghoulies Ghoulies

  • Lee Kåberg – Producer/Artist
  • Daniel Polgar – Lead designer/Artist
  • Therése Pierrau – Lead Art
  • Tove Ahlgren – Artist
  • Johan Holm – Lead Sound/Artist
  • Max Barnell – Lead Code
  • Kevin Frender Berglund – Coder
  • Marcus Brännfors ( External ) – Music
  • Marcus Sjöblom ( External ) – Music/Sound



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“Uncover the secret power of Ström in an ancient temple ruin, as a young girl on her rite of passage.”

The player controls the avatar Lume, as well as the mechanic of Ström transfer, which is the ability to switch states between objects within range of the avatar, for example dragging Ström from a moving creature to a static one. The player has to solve puzzles and move through obstacles by thinking logically and observing the surroundings. The goal is to evolve the Ström mechanic in order to complete all the levels in a linear fashion.

It’s a 3D fantasy puzzle adventure game for the computer, with an energy transfer system, targeted at people who enjoy unique aesthetics and a relaxed pacing.

Ström Ström Ström Ström

Ström Ström Ström Ström


  • Hannah Idén Gustafsson – Producer
  • Hanna Eriksson – Artist
  • Karl-Johan Thole – Artist
  • Andreas Mikko – Programmer
  • Linus Eriksson – Programmer


Yomi’s Bubble Adventure

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It is a puzzle game based on soap bubbles. Yomi is a character who has a bubble device, which they use to blow magical soap bubbles, which are used to help Yomi find their way through the world to help the different creatures that live there.


Yomi's Bubble Adventure

Yomi's Bubble Adventure Yomi's Bubble Adventure Yomi's Bubble Adventure    Yomi's Bubble Adventure

Yomi's Bubble Adventure Yomi's Bubble Adventure Yomi's Bubble Adventure concept_art_1


  • Jens “Tiny” Berglind – Producer, Programmer and Level Designer
  • Olof Wallentin – Lead Programmer
  • Anders Ekdahl – Programmer
  • Herman “Hedning” Rödström – Programmer
  • Pontus “Lillis” Fredriksson – Lead Designer, 3D Animator, 3D Artist, Level Designer and Audio Designer
  • Hannes “Huntas” Freiman – Lead Artist and Level Designer
  • Johanna Brate Sjögren – Artist
  • Alexandra Aasen – Artist
  • Daniel Råström – 3D Artist
  • Robin Powell – Lead Animator and 3D Artist

Warp Seed

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WarpSeed is a forced side-scrolling shoot ‘em up with exploration elements. Take control of the WarpSeed and warp freely between levels at will. Travel through levels and consume enemy Core Units for new Weapons and Extensions to unlock the the Gates that halt your progression. Battle your way through the OnePower Empire’s forces, defeat the commanding ForceKings, and warp to save the world.


Warp Seed


Warp Seed Warp Seed Warp Seed Warp Seed

Warp Seed Warp Seed Warp Seed Warp Seed


  • Jonas Lewis – Design and Art
  • Sayo Nariño – Programmer and Musician


Mastodon Metal Mayhem

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Take control over a prehistoric monster, and destroy everything in your path with the help of your primal strenght and toughness. In Mastodon Metal Mayhem, your goal is to wreck as much havoc as you can within the time limit. To give you that extra destuctive power, pick up gatling guns, freeze rays and missiles. Get the highest scores, show who is the best at destruction. Refine your destruction in single player, or destroy the city with a friend in Multiplayer. Show them who’s the best at Mayhem. Wreck havoc!

The Game will challenge the players coordination-ability, giving the player challenges as avoiding obstacles in the course, either as redirecting the course, or shooting them down, depending on the obstacle.

The player will be able to collect schematics during the game, which will enable the player to make special upgrades to the mammoth. By collecting these, the player will have the ability to unlock hidden areas in the levels, which the player wouldn’t be able to access without said upgrades.

Mastodon Metal Mayhem

Mastodon Metal Mayhem Mastodon Metal Mayhem Mastodon Metal Mayhem Mastodon Metal Mayhem


  • Rikard Dahlberg – Lead Game Designer / Artist
  • Gustaf Nerström – Lead Game Designer / Sound
  • Niclas Jorvid – Artist / Web
  • Christoffer Solgevik – Artist
  • Erik Rosenborg – Artist
  • Rickard Hagström -  Artist
  • Daniel Andersson – Producer / Programmer
  • Emund Sandelin – Lead Programmer
  • Elias Lundgren Kuosmonen – Programmer
  • Josefine Fahlström – Programmer



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Is a first person 4-player co-op game. In which each player has been given a unique objective to complete within a time limit. Once this time limit is met, the players have lost. To make it extra difficult, each objective requires two people to successfully complete it so you need to go with someone that you trust. However, trust is hard to come by in Portentous because one randomly chosen player has been infected by a mysterious organism. This player is no longer acting with the best of his friends in mind, but has also been given an objective to either kill or secretly infect the other players, in effect turning them to his side. With this in mind, non-infected player will know that they cannot trust anyone, but they still have to trust someone in order to finish the objectives or kill the infected.



PortentousConcept2 Screenshot1 Portentous

  • Elias Abjörner – Producer and artist.
  • Martin Persson -Programmer.
  • Andreas Vannfält – Lead Programmer.
  • Johan Swebilius – Programmer
  • Timmy Mårtensson – Lead Artist.
  • Fredrik Borgman – Lead Design, Artist
  • Peder Beijnhoff Bergström – Artist
  • Viktor Mattson – Artist
  • Olof Berg – Artist