DEATHDEALER is a First-Person action-platformer game in which you play as a reaper invading people’s minds in order to claim their souls. It was made for the PC platform using Unreal Engine 4.

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  • Alexandru Bugnar – Product Owner, Programmer, Level Designer
  • Emma Österlund – Lead Graphics Artist
  • Andrei Cojanu – Scrum Master, Animator
  • Arvid Kallin – Sound Designer, Music Producer
  • Maher Jaber – AI Programmer
  • Hampus Paulsen – VFX Artist

Of the Sky

Of the Sky is a third person, 3D exploration and puzzle solving game. The game was created using the power of Unreal, and is now available for PC!

It takes place in a world of floating islands inspired by the beautiful scenery found on the Swedish island of Gotland. You play as Hymn, a mysterious spirit-like creature with a connection to these ancient lands. Use the easy to understand mechanics to explore the many floating islands, and solve puzzles to uncover the mystery of the flame keeping the islands afloat in the sky!

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  • Simon Östman – Lead Designer
  • Stefan Övergaard – Level Designer, QA
  • Liam Forsberg – Producer, Puzzle Designer
  • Ida Edberg – 3D Modeller, Environmental Design
  • Tove Wahlberg – 3D Modeller, Texture Artist
  • David Levin – 3D Modeller, Art Pipeline Designer
  • Lukas Clausson – Lead Programmer, Technical Artist
  • Malek Sharabi- Programmer, SFX Artist

Special thanks to:

  • Amanda Östman – Composer
  • Ragnar Elfhag – Trailer Editor


After a long journey of raiding and booty-finding, the Scallywags must return to port! But how will they survive the journey with such a skeleton crew?

‘Scallywags!’ is a chaotic, couch co-op game where you and your friends need to survive the journey over the open seas. However, this is easier said than done as everything that can go wrong, will go wrong!

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  • Jari Hanski – Programming,
  • Felix Åberg – Programming,
  • Oscar Svan – UX design / Assistant management / Technical Art,
  • Josephine Bengtsson – 2D Art,
  • Max Niva – 3D Art,
  • Mauricio “Mao” Singh Martinez – Game Design / Music,
  • Nike Törnros – Project management / Trailer director

Fake News

A couch co-op game about running a ‘credible’ news studio. In this experience, players control a member of the television crew in a news channel studio. The studio is filled with various props and cardboard cutouts so that they can rapidly craft the director’s tales to get points.

Download and Play Fake News!


  • Kentaro Hayashida – Programmer
  • Ana Laura Martinez – Art
  • Ellen Wetterholm – Art/UI
  • Clara Cox – Art/Environment
  • Initial Concept: Kentaro Hayashida, Ana Laura Martinez, Clara Cox, Felix Rahm, Leo Smith, Alexander Peck