Do you have what it takes to complete the cruel challenges tucked away in an ancient sanctum? Explore your way beneath the lively streets of Paris and find its puzzle. No one has yet been able to complete all the challenges to see what lies beyond. Will you be the first one? 

Aescension won Best Art Direction and Best Audio at the Gotland Game Conference 2021.


  • Product Owner & Project Manager:
    George Eriksson
  • Graphic Artists:
    Valentyn Lyevyentsov
    Aulden Carter
    Axel Sandstedt
    Iina Karppinen
  • Programmers:
    Konsta Heikkinen
    Daniel Burt
  • Sound Designers:
    Axel Sandstedt
    Daniel Burt

Dwellers’ Grove

Armed with his map and crayons, 7- year old Elias ventures out into the forest in order to map out the magical playground he calls home.

Dwellers’ Grove is a calm, nostalgic third-person exploration game about a young boy, his personal growth and his imagination. Take a break, explore the forest and its inhabitants with Elias, and enjoy Dwellers’ Grove!


  • Alva Wäppling – Product Owner, 3D art
  • Claudia Sjöbeck – Level/Narrative/General Design
  • Rebecka Lewin – Project Management, Sound Design
  • Elena Hurtado Vázquez – 3D art
  • Lovisa Walchshofer – 2D art
  • Valter Ottenvang – Programming
  • Gurbaj Singh Virk – Programming


The almighty bird has taken control of the rainforest. She now holds control of all the animals except the chameleons because they are too hard to find. Now the brave hero “Cornelius” the chameleon is trying to release the rainforest from her reign.


  • Christian Lundgren — Programmer, Project Owner
  • Gopal Shabi Alvarez — Character Artist, 3D Animator
  • Eric Gleisner — Level Designer
  • Evgeniia Rein (g orest) — Programmer, Technical Artist
  • Rickard Burtus Sevemar — Programmer, Project Manager
  • Farah Hamdo — Programmer
  • Madalina Rusu — Environment Artist
  • Kaan Baris ‘Peace’ Bicak – Consultant and version control
  • Special thanks to:
    Leo Wognum – Music
    Anton Ivlenov – Provided solution for camera to ignore grass

Bow & Shield

Bow and Shield is a multiplayer cooperative adventure puzzling game where you can either play alone or with a friend as The Bow and The Shield while going through the underground desert temple, in order to beat the Boss within.


  • Christoffer El Idrissi – Programmer/Designer/Product Owner
  • Ludvig Sahlen – Programmer/Designer/SFX
  • Dexter Johnson – Graphics/Designer
  • Anastasia Karaseva – Graphics/Designer
  • Frida Hagelstam – Graphics/Designer
  • Mikhail Nevill – Project Manager/Designer/SFX