Down: The Way Out

Down is a 3D sci-fi puzzle game that takes place in deep space. You play as a prisoner attempting to escape from a maximum security space prison with the help from a mysterious individual. With gravity and magnetism manipulation devices at your disposal, you must solve puzzles and avoid hazards as you try to escape the prison ship.


  • Alexander Ebbesson – Project ManagerKarl Lindkvist – Level Designer
  • Hampus Bergström – Designer & Project Owner
  • Guy Dimor – Programmer
  • Edin Karakurt – Programmer
  • Amanda Cohen – Art & Graphics

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Oober Doober

Oober Doober is a two player competitive racing game where taxi drivers compete against rival gig economy drivers to get and deliver passengers. Race against each other to pick up the passenger before the other player or sabotage the other player and steal the passenger!

Drive fast, drive smart, and crash your opponents cars! This city isn’t big enough for the both of you!


  • Niklas Ericsson – Producer
  • Daniel Reinsson – Game Designer
  • Yinsong Hong – Artist
  • Christopher Haibel – Artist
  • Adam Olsson – Programmer
  • Sophie Ahlberg – Programmer

Midnight Train

Midnight Train is a 3-dimensional first-person puzzle, adventure, and exploration game set in an abandoned subway system deep beneath a futuristic city. In Midnight Train, the player takes on the role of a treasure hunter who is attempting to find a lost treasure hidden away in the subway system. In order for the player to accomplish this, they must successfully navigate the subway system on foot while making sure that they are not run over by the trains in the process.

Available on PC and created in Unreal Engine 4.


  • Adam Krantz – Design
  • Alexander Saleteg – Graphics
  • Edvin Broberg – Programmer, product owner
  • Nicklas Rosén – Producer , sound
  • Oskar Karlsson – Programmer
  • William Teurnell – Graphics

The Swamp

A third person zombie shooter that brings you back to the Louisiana swamps. The dead in the confederate state of Louisiana are rising. Now it’s up to you to put them under ground again.


  • Oscar Berggren – Programmer, level design, design, sound, fx artist,
  • Gabriel Ansgariusson – Artist