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Carnage is a fast paced turn based board game for up to 4 players. Blood and oil sprays the track when crazed drivers with machines of stained steel and rusted plate do battle.

The game started life as a computer game, but our paper prototype turned out so good we scrapped the code and went straight for cards!

In this race there is only one rule: Anything goes! Players are encouraged to do everything they can to win. Ram the other drivers into traps, shower them with bullets and smash them into the arena walls in order to make it over the finish line first. Either that or you make sure that no one else makes it across the finish line at all.

Each turn only last 10 seconds so you will need to think fast in order to outsmart the opponents.

The artwork is made using Photoshop, Illustrator and 3Ds Max.

Christoffer Akterin – Lead Artist & Render
Joakim Andreasson – Lead Production & Layout
André Apelqvist – Artist
Juan Carlos Pizarro – Lead Design & Artist
Viktor Lundmark – Event & Presentation

Power Behind The Throne

The Power Behind the Throne is a strategic family game. It takes place in a castle. In the castle there is a king, and that king has four advisors. But the king’s economy isn’t what it used to be, and he has now made the decision that within five years he’ll fire every advisor except for one. The players will take on the role as an advisor each, and try to get as much influence as possible before the five years have passed. The one that has the most influence over the king in the end is the one who gets to keep his job.