Desired Discomfort

“Sometimes, you simply want to do something new. We all desire a bit of surprise, variety, and even a bit of competitive chaos to sharpen your mind and spice life up! With Desired Discomfort, we wish to break you free from the vicious daily routine of life with a game that will motivate you to create novel experiences with a group of other brave pioneers.”

In Desired Discomfort you’re given the chance to compete and encourage your fellow players by challenging them to try exciting new experiences, and break the routine! You will meet weekly at regular sessions to set up a week of new challenges, showcase your progress, and score points for your efforts. Each session is meant to be completed in less than an hour, thus freeing players up to go on off-book adventures. Continue playing until a predetermined number of sessions have been completed and crown the player with the most points as the winner. Don’t forget to celebrate the success of the group afterwards!