Get Meckt

Post apocalyptic world with scrap mechs battling for social status. The game was built using Unity 3D, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, and Substance Painter.

Get Meckt on the Gotland Game Conference 2017 showfloor

Get Meckt on the Gotland Game Conference 2017 showfloor

Get Meckt on the Gotland Game Conference 2017 showfloor

Arnaud Mimoun- Project manager
Nickolai Valkov – Lead Programmer
Alex Östermark – Lead Artist
Petter Larsson – Lead Sound
August Ek – Game Designer
Christopher Fisher – Lead Technical

Leaf Us Alone!

Leaf Us Alone is a two-dimensional action platformer. The player is a hungry red panda equipped with a leaf blower/vacuum-esque device trying to collect leaves for food. The player controls the game using a physical version of the device, and has to navigate levels by sucking up and blowing away objects in order to defeat enemies and overcome obstacles.
The game is created with the Unity engine.

Edward Leiman – Producer
Arvid Edström – Lead Sound Designer & Lead Technician
Jonathan Nitzan Andersson – Lead Artist
Lukas Fletcher – Lead Programmer
Ted Fristedt – Lead Game Designer
Alexander Konstantinidis – Project Manager

Galactic Smugglers INC

A three player co-op game. Where communication between the players are key to successes. A game where you and your friends are the crew of a smuggling ship. Where you have to navigate through space and avoid obstacles like federation cops, asteroids, black holes and pirates to deliver your cargo to your customers.
You play with three different stations controlling the ship; Helm to control speed and steering, Nav to scan areas ahead of the ship to better plan out your route, and Power to control the placement of the shield for the ship but also how much power all the stations have to work with.

Galactic Smugglers at the Gotland Game Conference 2017

Tools used to build the game: Unity, Photoshop, Blender, Audacity, Elias, Adobe Premiere, Microsoft Visual Studio

Fredrik Nilsson – Producer,
Joel Ahlgren – Design,
Erik Wallin – Coding,
Sebastian Wallin – Coding,
André Tingvall – Art,
Harry Nordenfors – Art,
Niklas Lehmkuhl – Tech

Death Row

Death Row is a game about rowing for your life and for your treasure. In the game two players cooperate to control a pirate battle ship by rowing. The goal of the game is to make it to a treasure stash island, so that the players treasure can be hidden from their enemies. Along the way to the island, the players will have the opportunity to acquire more treasure and run the risk of losing part of their treasure. Throughout the players journey they are being chased by various hostile ships or sea monsters who will try to sink the players ship. The players will have to fight in order to defend their treasure and make it to the end. Can you and your companion make it to treasure stash island with all the treasure, or will your ship sink and your treasure be lost to the depths of the sea?

Death Row at the Gotland Game Conference 2017

The game is made using Unity.

Oskar Svärd: Producer
Ludvig Baummann Olsson: Lead Design/Tech
Rebecka Näsberg: Lead Art
Christofer Matsson: Lead Code
Jakub Wolfram: Lead Sound
Nicholas Lo: Graphics
Mikaela Åhrlin: Graphics