Ghost Ball

Follow The muscle brothers MuscleBro #1 & MuscleBro #2 on their adventure to save the Iron Church from the pesky Alchemist and his amalgamations of weird and unmuscly creatures.

Ghost Ball is a 2 player rougelite game where you play as the muscle brothers that are trying to protect their Iron Church (their favorite gym) and defeat the Alchemist that is trying to destroy not only the gym, but the whole town.

We have create this game thanks to Unity and the text editor visual studio code.


  • Product Owner Johannes Larsson
  • Producers Casper Aspelin Nicolas Hammar
  • Graphic design and art Eric Andreski Tom Idril
  • Programming Casper Gustavsson Gabriel Senekovič
  • Game Concept Casper Gustavsson
  • Game Design Eric Andreski Casper Aspelin Casper Gustavsson Nicolas Hammar Tom Idril
    Johannes Larsson Gabriel Senekovič
  • Quality Assurance Casper Aspelin Nicolas Hammar Johannes Larsson
  • Arcade Machine Construction Johannes Larsson
  • Music Gabriel Senekovič

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The Stump

The Stump is an arcade game with up to 4 players, where you compete in 3 unique mini-games. Each game with a new type of animal utilizing a tree stump. Meet the woodpeckers catching insects, the forest mice storing food, & larvae eating their stomachs full!


  • Jonathan Persson – Producer & Generalist
  • Ivan Kholod – Programmer & Product Owner
  • Mingxiao Jiang – Programmer
  • Mattis Lindqvist – Artist
  • Ramzi Ayari – Artist
  • Karin Sahlberg – Designer & Artist

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Heaven Bound

Recently deceased, follow the angel guiding you out of limbo so you can finally rest in peace. Solve platforming puzzles and sneak by enemies in the tunnel phase.

Use the spotlight mechanic to switch between 3 colours to interact with objects and avoid your enemies (we have a colour blind mode)! You can use both our custom made lantern controller as well as mouse + keyboard to play the game.

Made for PC, using unity, photoshop and visual studio.


  • Alexander Frestadius – lead playtester, level design, product owner
  • Josefin Glasell – lead programmer
  • Katalin Preszl – 2D character art
  • Lina Agrell – programmer
  • Madalina Rusu – 2D background and UI art
  • Theo Flejmer – producer, programmer
  • (Diego Demarco – outside music producer)

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Download and play Dimensions!

A 3D/2D puzzle game, observed through isometric perspective and played in an orthographic one. The objective is to travel through dimensions by reaching the portal inside every level.

It is an arcade game, though it can also be played on a computer with a keyboard or a controller. Created in Unity.


  • Oliver Svärd – Producer
  • George Eriksson – Product owner
  • Ludvig Köhn – Open Minor
  • Petrea Kaðlín Sigmundsdóttir – 3D Art
  • Elena Hurtado Vázquez – 3D Art
  • Edvin Eriksson – Programmer