Death Row

Death Row is a game about rowing for your life and for your treasure. In the game two players cooperate to control a pirate battle ship by rowing. The goal of the game is to make it to a treasure stash island, so that the players treasure can be hidden from their enemies. Along the way to the island, the players will have the opportunity to acquire more treasure and run the risk of losing part of their treasure. Throughout the players journey they are being chased by various hostile ships or sea monsters who will try to sink the players ship. The players will have to fight in order to defend their treasure and make it to the end. Can you and your companion make it to treasure stash island with all the treasure, or will your ship sink and your treasure be lost to the depths of the sea?

Death Row at the Gotland Game Conference 2017

The game is made using Unity.

Oskar Svärd: Producer
Ludvig Baummann Olsson: Lead Design/Tech
Rebecka Näsberg: Lead Art
Christofer Matsson: Lead Code
Jakub Wolfram: Lead Sound
Nicholas Lo: Graphics
Mikaela Åhrlin: Graphics

Grave Call

Grave Call is a conditional time-based, asymmetrical multiplayer game based on the communication between two players, one is buried alive and the other one is a police Dispatcher. A phone holds clues for the coffin’s location, which has to be identified before the phone battery runs out. Made with Unity.

Awards: Grave Call won the Innovation Award at Gotland Game Conference 2017 and was one of twenty games from around to the world to be selected for alt.ctl.GDC 2018. Check out their pre-GDC interview over on Gamasutra: Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Grave Call

Producer: Chiara Lorusso
Lead Designer: Mikael Mellros
Lead Programmer: Steven Kolankowski
Programmer: Leo Jansson
Lead Sound: Robin Gerndt
Lead Tech: Mohamad Saleh
Lead Art: Julia Eklund Granstedt

Yo, Bartender!

Yo, Bartender! puts you in the shoes of a modern day bartender mixing cocktails in a bustling city. Survive the night rush by mixing and serving as fast as you can while making sure you always have the orders right. Do you have what it takes to be a bartender?

Yo, Bartender! was built for PC using Unity and Photoshop.

Yo! Bartender! at the Gotland Game Conference 2017

Yo, Bartender! was selected for the 2018 alt.ctrl.GDC showcase in San Francisco, and the team were interviewed on Gamasutra – Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Yo, Bartender.

Producer: Raoul Man
Lead Designer: Christian Bång
Lead Code: Jacob Lindberg
Lead Art: Alexander Sjöberg
Lead Sound: Jakob Hansen
Lead Tech: Alexandru Capşa
Programmer: Thomas Cairns

The Fiddler

The Fiddler is a game about music, and its ability to influence our emotions.Inspired by folktales and children’s stories, the game lets you take the role of a fiddle-playing spirit helping a young girl on her journey to find herself.

You interact with the game by using a simplified fiddle. By playing a combination of notes, you create songs that make characters feel four different emotions: Joy, Anger, Fear, and Sadness. By creating combinations of emotions, you can make characters interact with one another.

Erin Siikavaara – Producer
Baloo Beckman – Lead Programmer
Tobias Holm – Lead Tech & Programmer
Hanna Hagenmalm – Lead Artist
Elin Tvinne Flyg – Lead Sound & Artist
Leo Thyberg – Lead Designer