Rune Mages

Rune Mages is a top-down, turn based strategy game that puts you in control of a couple of mages that wields runic magic. Demons have invaded the land and it is up to you to push them back and close their portal. Use strategic movement and cover to your advantage and combine runes to create spells that will hurt or hinder the enemies in your path.
Tools used: Unity 5, 3DSMax, Substance Painter, B2M, Motionbuilder, Motive.

Bengt Hagnelius – Producer & Programmer
Philip Olsson – Lead Game Designer & Programmer
Joakim Person – VFX Artist
Jonatan Ersarp – Lead Artist
Linda Thern – Lead Animator
Maximilian Höglund – Lead Programmer
Henrik Järleblad – Composer


You are a thief rushing through a mine shaft, tossing and detonating dynamite sticks to fill up your cart with gold. Yet the night is short, hurry up and collect as much gold as possible before sunrise. Timing is crucial! If you detonate the dynamite too early, you fill your cart with worthless stones, but wait too long and you lose your earnings. Perfect timed explosions results in a “Gold Rush” state, which increases the score multiplier and the pace of the game. The final result is a hectic arcade game where you fight for the highest score to become the most wanted.

DynaMime on the Gotland Game Conference 2017 showfloor
DynaMime on the Gotland Game Conference 2017 showfloor

DynaMine was in developed in Unity. All art was drawn in Photoshop and modelled with Maya. The music and sound effects were made in FL Studio with NI Komplete and implemented with Elias Software.

Marcel Bailleul – Producer,
David Bång – Lead Designer,
Leevi Hakala – Lead Programmer,
Alexander Hjelm – Programmer,
Benjamin Lockwood – Lead Artist,
Elina Marjomaa – Artist,
Mikael Sukoinen – Sound Producer

Fast Gear

Fast Gear is a story driven racing game where the racing affects the story and the story affects the racing. The art style and music is 80s themed. The game is made in unity, the 3d art is made in 3Ds max and the 2D art is made in photoshop.

Fabian Thoma – Producer,
Tim Rojo – Programmer,
Daniel Qvarnemark – Art Lead,
Morgan Kringstad – Lead Design,
Simon Glans – Lead Programmer,
Jari Melgén – Artist,
Lucas Pålsson – Artist

A Rat Betwixt

A rat Betwixt is an isometric, turn-based tactical game about the exploration of a bunker in future medieval Sweden. During that exploration, multiple players will be asked to complete objectives that can run counter to the survival or efforts of the rest of the group. Players control their avatars via tablet or phone screens, where their objectives and moves are hidden from other players.

Visitors playing A Rat Betwixt at the Gotland Game Conference 2017

The game uses Unity as its main engine, with music provided by Elias software. Input is given via touch on smartphones or tablets.

Karl Malm – Producer
Sebastian Engstrand – Lead Designer
Sakarias Ståhl – Lead Art
Anders Schultheiss – Lead Animator
Adrian Hedqvist – Lead Programmer
Linus Bjernhagen – Lead Network Programmer
Maximilian Bergström – Lead Character Artist