Pump the Frog

Inflate The Frog! Roll slip and squeeze your way around this 2d-puzzle-platformer as The Hungry Frog. Control your size and affect the environment at the same time to devour as many flies as possible!

Pump the Frog was awarded Best 1st Year Project, Almedalen Library Award, the Cha-ching award (most commercially viable) and the Pwnage Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2017. It went on to win Best Execution in Art at the Swedish Game Awards 2017, and was selected for the 2018 alt.ctrl.GDC showcase in San Francisco.

Karl Wallsten – Producer/Tech
Theo Unland Karlsson – Lead Design/Lead Tech
Erik Säll – Lead Programmer
Felix Wahlström – Lead Artist
Eric Osana – Programmer/Lead Sound
Emil Kiviniemi – Artist/Animator
Elias Thörnlund – Music
Nils Eklöf – Music/Sound Effects



Bull-Dog is a two player game made in Unity, comical cat and mouse style played in an arena environment resembling a farm pasture.

One player uses a helmet with horns and a Wii-remote gyroscope on it to control the bull character by tilting their head in different directions. The other player controls the dog character using a cycle handlebar with a Wii-remote attached to its center for the gyroscope as well. To win the game the bull player has to hit the dog player once to knock him out of the fenced in area while the dog player has to dig up all bones in the arena to win. There is a time limit that results in a bull win if it’s reached.

Bull-Dog features different types of interactions in the arena like the bull being able to charge and knock down trees, the dog can jump over obstacles and such.

Johannes Sundström – Producer,
Thomas Härdin – Lead Design,
Anna Lindholm – Lead Art,
Stella Nyberg Brodda – Art,
Evelina Paulsson – Art,
Tobias Vestlund – Lead Programmer,
Kevin (Bihi) Johansson – Programmer.


Neon Skies

Neon Skies is a 3D, multiplayer game inspired by the game mode “Battle Royale”.
You are summoned to a futuristic jungle on a sky island along with three other players and your goal is to craft your own weapons and fight to be the last man standing. You are equipped with a stealth suit that lets you stay invisible to other players except for when performing important actions such as entering combat, harvesting resources or crafting weapons.

The game is built in Unity. For the graphical content we used Photoshop, Maya, 3Ds Max, 3D Coat and Substance Painter.

Håkan Johannsson – Lead Code
Fabian Lindin – Lead Artist
Erik Levin – 3D Artist
Marcus van Aller – 3D Artist
Filip Swärdh – Producer/Lead Deisgner

Sound of Life

Sound of Life is a 3D first person game for PC, where you play as a rescue worker in a war-torn city.

The city has been bombed and you are the first to arrive at the scene. Follow clues in your environment while using a listening device to find buried people among the debris.
But time is precious and every search counts. Listen carefully, explore and make the best out of your search attempts.

The game is developed in Unreal engine 4. Other tools used are; 3Dsmax, Maya, Motive, Motionbuilder, Make Human, Substance Painter 2, Substance Designer 6, Visual studio, Git hub, Photoshop.

Malcolms Yllenius – Lead programmer
Emil Wahlund – Programmer, Lead Designer
Karoliina Hiidenheimo – Lead Artist
Kadar Ali – Artist, Texture Artist
Malin Runsten Fredriksson – Producer, Artist, Motion capture operator
Malte During – Music creator
Jesper Brunnström – Sound Effects