Behind the scenes

A peek behind the curtains on a Saturday; our 1st year students hard at work building their games for the GGC Show Floor. Only 15 days to go!

It might be weekend-work, but it’s not in vain; there are well over 300 people currently signed up to come and playtest! Make sure you have a ticket too. The Visitors Pass is the cheapest option (pay what you want) and is good for the entire conference – play games, listen to lectures, the award show and the party!

See you there!

Fast Gear

Fast Gear is a story driven racing game where the racing affects the story and the story affects the racing. The art style and music is 80s themed. The game is made in unity, the 3d art is made in 3Ds max and the 2D art is made in photoshop.

Fabian Thoma – Producer,
Tim Rojo – Programmer,
Daniel Qvarnemark – Art Lead,
Morgan Kringstad – Lead Design,
Simon Glans – Lead Programmer,
Jari Melgén – Artist,
Lucas Pålsson – Artist

A Rat Betwixt

A rat Betwixt is an isometric, turn-based tactical game about the exploration of a bunker in future medieval Sweden. During that exploration, multiple players will be asked to complete objectives that can run counter to the survival or efforts of the rest of the group. Players control their avatars via tablet or phone screens, where their objectives and moves are hidden from other players.

Visitors playing A Rat Betwixt at the Gotland Game Conference 2017

The game uses Unity as its main engine, with music provided by Elias software. Input is given via touch on smartphones or tablets.

Karl Malm – Producer
Sebastian Engstrand – Lead Designer
Sakarias Ståhl – Lead Art
Anders Schultheiss – Lead Animator
Adrian Hedqvist – Lead Programmer
Linus Bjernhagen – Lead Network Programmer
Maximilian Bergström – Lead Character Artist


Amenti is a first person dark, puzzle game, placed deep inside an Egyptian pyramid in the late 1800’s. You play as Sofia Thompson, a young archeologist that’s trapped in the pyramid, her left hand has been cursed and turned into “the hand of death”. Now she must venture down through the pyramid to reach the death realm and find the cure. During your adventure, you will face several puzzles that you must solve in order to continue your journey. Now you must learn to control your cursed hand, in order to master fire, life and death.

Sabine Harrer playing Amenti at the Gotland Game Conference 2017

Amenti was developed in Unreal Engine 4. Other softwares used are; 3Ds Max, Maya, Motionbuilder, SubstancePainter 2, Photoshop CC and Mudbox.

Thea Falkenmark – Producer
Amanda Svensson Alavi – Lead Art
Niclas Nordberg – Lead Programmer
Kevin Alonso – Technical Artist
Matti Johansson – Lead Sound
Gustav Larsson – Lead Designer
Erik Jigvall – Programmer