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Our students are game designers, but making a game is not enough. You must also be able to show it off, to reach an audience, to pitch it. If a screenshot says a thousand words, and a GIF a million, a video can be an entire Library of Congress! And thus, we force them to create short video trailers for everything they make.

We just published a Youtube-playlist with all of the games for 2017! These will all be available for you to play on the show floor next week! So check the trailers out, leave a friendly comment to the creators and then come meet them and play the games on mon-tue next week – 29-30 May!

Goblin Doctors

As Goblin Doctors, the player and their partner are tasked with treating as many wounded orcs as possible from a nearby battlefield. The goblins haven’t exactly had professional medical training though…

Goblin Doctors a is casual, isometric top down, local multiplayer, party game with a fantasy theme, developed for PC in Unity using 3DSMax, Substance Painter 2, Photoshop and MotionBuilder.

Svante Livén – Producer
Nils Folker – Game Designer
Måns Möller – Lead Art/Animation
Lukas Graff – Environment Art
Martin Carlsson – Lead Code
Stam Kruajan – Programmer

Eyes Align

A 2D narrative adventure game featuring a murder mystery aboard a shady space station filled to the brim with enigmatic characters.
The player, a human, is by coincidence thrown into a mystery aboard the space station they live in and as the plot thickens, what looks like a murder at first glance turns out to be only a glimpse into the conspiracies that lurk at the very heart of the station.

The game is developed for the PC using Twine 2.0 and Unreal Engine 4.

Awards: Eyes Align won Best Execution in Narrative at the Swedish Game Awards 2017.

Erik Nord – Producer, Lead Designer, Script Writer
Adrian Lavrell – Lead Programming, Sound Engineer
Anders Mauritz Karlsson – Lead Art
Bea Franov – 2D Art

Penny’s Farm

Penny’s farm is a cooperative farm game where players try to keep the farm profitable for Penny.But times are hard; critters want to eat your crops, chicken keeps running away and the Penny needs her money or she will fire you!

Penny's Farm at the Gotland Game Conference 2017
Penny’s Farm at the Gotland Game Conference 2017
Penny's Farm at the Swedish Game Awards 2017
Penny's Farm at the Swedish Game Awards 2017

Awards: Penny’s Farm won Best 3rd Year Project and Students’ Choice at the Gotland Game Conference 2017. The team also won Gamers Choice! at the Swedish Game Awards 2017.

Anders Jonsson -Code
Nisse Lindblom -Art
Nayomi Arvell -Art
Marwan Al-Salman -Code

Tools: Unity, Blender, 3Ds Max, Photoshop.