F.R.A.U.S is a highly intelligent virus created solely to infiltrate rogue operations and companies to take
them down from the inside. You play as the AI virus F.R.A.U.S.

In the vertical slice you have been sent to infiltrate an underground research facility performing unethical and immoral research on human subjects.

It is your goal to rescue the prisoners and take them to safety all whilst maintaining your cover within the computer mainframe. If you get discovered you will lose access to the facilities computer mainframe and be unable to rescue the prisoners.

Tools used: Unity, Blender, SourceTree, Microsoft Visual Studios

Adam Salonen – Producer & Environment Artist
Morgan Nilsson – Lead Art & Character/Animator Artist
Andreas Lundmark – Technical Artist & Programmer
Ara Mohammad – Lead Designer & Level Designer
David Eliasson – Scrummaster & Programmer
Folke Stovring Nielsen – Lead Code & AI Programmer