Defunct has been released on Steam!

Travel through an open world by picking up boosts to accelerate forward. Speed through tunnels, make incredible jumps and explore a fantastic earth abandoned by men and colonised by robots! Find the ideal path through the levels to grant yourself the best score possible on each map. Join your friends in this adventure to explore the world together.

Defunct is a 3rd person adventure game for PC. Played best with an Xbox 360 controller. You travel through the world by picking up boosts and you goal is to get the highest score possible on each map.

Defunct has won several awards:

The game is made in Unity 4.

Robert Graff – Producer, Level Designer
Jonatan Keil – Lead Game Designer, Level Designer
David Forssell – Lead Programmer
Mikael Karlsson – Lead Graphical Artist, 3D Artist
Simon Öqvist – Animator
Petter Vernersson – Programmer
Anders Hedström – 3D Artist




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