Drunken Pirate Escape

Row faster. Get drunker. Avoid shark…er. Gather rum. Beat your opponent. Be a pirate.

Drunken Pirate Escape is a two-player racing game designed for an arcade setting. Players engage in a race for their lives, rowing with the game’s joystick-oar novel input device, avoiding enemies such as sharks, navigating obstacles such as sandbars and coral reefs, and drinking rum to fuel their efforts.

Key Features:

  • Row using the game’s novel input device: the joystick-oars
  • Race against your friends, and try to hold the highscore record!
  • Experience the game’s Drunk effects

Drunken Pirate Escape was made using MSVS 2014, Adobe Photoshop, SourceTree, Github, PaintTool SAI, and rum.

Pontus Hassis: Producer
Dee Majek: Lead Designer
Simon Lundgren: Lead Programmer
Adrienne Gunnarsson: Lead Art
Danielle Unéus: Artist
Anders Schultheiss: Lead Tech