My First Jam 2019

Last Friday we held our annual introduction game jam at the Department of Game Design.

A game jam is a playful challenge to design and prototype games in a short timespan. The model is similar to that of a hackathon, where participants have a limited amount of time to work on a project using an iterative design process.

In addition to some rapid prototyping and development, My First Jam aims to:

  • let all our students hang out and get to know each other,
  • mix students up so everybody meets- and work with new people.

117 students and faculty joined up to create games for a day, and 18 games were delivered! (all games are available to download from the Facebook Event page)

After a couple of hours of pizza and playtesting, all the counts had been voted, and the list of nominees were:

Most Fun:

  • We Hate Babies
  • Chef Onion
  • Gotta Catch ’em Full

Best Interpretation:

  • Fly Trouble
  • Fog U
  • Cry Baby Fly

Best Execution:

  • Tear Monster
  • Fly When Cry
  • Ze Fallen


  • Most Fun: Gotta Catch ’em Fall
  • Best Interpretation: Cry Baby Fly
  • Best Execution: Fly When Cry

Congrats and well played, everyone!

Visit the Facebook Event page for all the games, and to see more photos from the event. 🙂