Gamex 2012

Twentytwelve is an inbetween year. All new consoles are to be released next year, and Activision (making up probably 30% of last years floor space) flat-out refused to exhibit after Swedish television fcked them up the bum last year.

The exhibition, thus, was the smallest incarnation since it’s inception three years ago. We didn’t pull any punches though. Kept the space from last year – 60 sqm – and filled it with 22 students and their projects. We had a massively powerful selection and got a lot of press for it. Swedish Game Awards-winner “Secrets of Grindea“, Gotland Game Conference pwnage-awarded “Little Warlock“. The touch and motion controlled Walkabout Journeys, camera- and gravity controlled “Block Dropper“, just to mention a few.

Here’s some of the things published about us; – STUDENTPROJEKT PÅ GAMEX – BlockDropper – Gamex 2012 – Intryck: Little Warlock
Spelbart – Gamex Spotlight: Secrets of Grindea (on Little Warlock)
Tvspelsdagboken vs. Gamex 2012 – Longing for Little Warlock

We will add to this list as stuff comes up. Do you know a link we’ve missed? Add it in the comments, thanks!