Spel i Almedalen, 27-29 June

The Almedalen Week is soon upon us and there is a massive program for all game-related shenanigans in and around Visby, 27-29 June.


It’s been put together in a wonderful collaboration between Uppsala University, the University of Skövde, the Swedish Game Research Council, Sverok, and the Swedish Video Game Industry association (Dataspelsbranschen) and we’re covering topics like;

– “4,000 years of games and moral panic”,
– “What Every Politician Should Know About Games”,
– “6 things parents, teachers, and youth should know about digital games”,
– “The Swedish video game wonder: is there a need for a cultural policy for games?”,
– “5 clicks away from a gaming video – political radicalization, resistance, and responsibility”,
– “How can Sweden become a world leader in game research?”

And the list goes on! Populate your calendar from spelalmedalen.se, apply sunscreen and come join the discussion!