Visiting The Internet Archive & Jason Scott

The Internet Archive is housed in an old church
The Game Developers Conference starts tomorrow. Adam, Tommi, Marcus and I will cover 4 tracks simultaneously and meet with alumni, GGC speakers and pretty much reach out to anyone that interests us that we didn’t get to in New York (Google, Canadian game networks etc. etc)

But today, I set up a visit to the Internet Archive and Jason Scott – who will keynote at Gotland Game Conference – took the time to show us around. With a mission statement like “Universal Access to All Knowledge” I don’t have to explain how much amazingness is concentrated in this place and how motivated the people working here is.

This is where Brewster Kahle sits when he’s onsite.
Office of the Founder

Brewster went to China once, and was impressed with the Xian warriors. After he got back, he decided to start making sculptures of anyone who had dedicated at least three years of service to the Archive. There’s more than 90 of them to date, on display in the Great Room.
After 3 years working at the archive, they make a statue of you and place in the pews. :)

Jason motherfucking Scott, the Internet Historian

We spent a good two hours checking out their tech, backends and various projects. I can’t wait for his talk at GGC 2014!