Welcome activities at Campus Gotland autumn 2022

15 August

Reception fully open from 15 August.

Staff from Student services and Helpdesk at hand at certain hours – to be announced week 33.

15 August

Welcome email to all new students.

22-25 August 

Online Information sessions on a number of themes. For international students. 

24-25 August 

Recommended arrival days. Shuttle service from Visby airport and Visby ferry terminal (registration required).

26 August 

Orientation Day. Welcome day for international students.

27-28 August

Gotland history lecture with Mikael Norrby.

27-28 August

Guided walking tour around medieval Visby with the university guide Mikael Norrby.

29 August 

Welcome Ceremony (more information will come later).

2 September

Train tour around Visby´s inner city during lunch hours.

Week 37

Bus trip in the countryside.

All details at www.campusgotland.uu.se/welcome/