Sailor’s Grave: The Curse of the Cook

Delve into the Silver Christine, an old cruise ship that disappeared beneath the ocean’s surface over a century ago. Discover what hides in the deep blue, but do not disturb it.

The project was made during a short three week production. The core aim of this game is to serve as an experiment for a bachelor’s thesis,  investigating how interactivity and forewarning respectively, affects immersion and negative arousal. This will be measured using four focus groups who will be analysed using eyetracking, pupil dilation tracking and heart rate deceleration tracking. The study will take place at Uppsala University in Sweden.

PC game made using the Unreal Engine 4.


  • Gabriel Ansgariusson – Artist
  • Patrik Selleby – Programmer

Candle Detective

Candle Detective is a 3D murder mystery game where you play as a candle detective solving candle crimes. The game’s aesthetics are inspired by film noir and silent movies. The game is being developed for PC and Switch and is made with Unity.

Candle Detective won Best Art Direction and Excellence in Storytelling at the Gotland Game Conference 2019!


  • Mija Causey -Product Owner,
  • Kristina Stiskaite -Producer,
  • Merve Metinkol -Art,
  • Josefine Ringstad -Art,
  • Kaijun Wang -Code,
  • Magdalena Bondjers -Social Media

Candle Detective on Facebook


Oniris is a non-violent, non antagonistic rogue-like platformer. It focuses its game play on liberty of movement, agility and speed, and offers gradual empowerment of the player by unlocking new abilities.


  • Carl Leong – Level designer,
  • Isak Mansén – Environment artist,
  • Clara Cox – Character animator,
  • Adam Olsson – Programming,
  • Basil Nicolas Gerard – Design, programming,
  • Juste Eriksson – Scrum master, VFX artist

Oniris on Facebook


Take on the role as one of the Argelites in this fast-paced third person competitive action game, equipped with a mobility-enhancing weapon to traverse freely in an environment with high verticality.

Argelite won Students Choice and the Jury Spotlight Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2019.

The game is developed for PC and is created in Unreal Engine using Autodesk Maya, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Motionbuilder and Hacknplan.


  • Lina Femling – Scrum Master & Level Designer,
  • Hampus Serrestam – Product Owner & Level Designer,
  • Jeppe Willatzen – Programmer & Sound Designer,
  • Konrad Skagerberg – Programmer,
  • Gunnlaugur Arnarson – Game Artist,
  • Patrik Lindkvist – Game Artist,
  • Moa Bruus – Game Artist