You can buy Terrene at TheGameCrafter.com


Terrene is a world building board game where you compete against your friends in building a world, and whoever completes the most quests, creates the most land and gets the most points wins the game! There are different types of quests for different types of landscapes, each with their own value. Depending on which one you build will grant you a different amount of points. Steal quests and land tiles from your enemies, and finish quests before them to prevent them from getting more points.

Terrene at the Gotland Game Conference 2017

Play with your entire family or grab a friend and let the building begin!


  • Lisa Wackenhuth Svanström – Founder, Artist, Designer
  • Markus Holm – Designer, Community
  • Rasmus Lindgren – Designer, Marketing

You can buy Terrene at TheGameCrafter.com


OMNI is a dice-less games that emphasizes skills rather than chance.

OMNI places you in Arbor, a twin planet in the solar system Jua, an arboreal planet, teeming with life. The lay of the land is fertile with Omni crystals decorating the crust. With riches like these, the humans of Arbor are in continual contest over the planet. The three biggest factions, the forest archers of Viralis, the Hildegarns steppe berserkers, and the Birok guardians of Tivla have been fighting over the rule for Arbor for 200 years.

OMNI lets you re-enact past battles or build your own in easy to learn scenario-based combat. Fight for you faction in simultaneous combat with potentially any number of opponents and allies. Build as large map as you like and play any setup of teams in the all-out battle for Arbor.

Will you win for the glory of your faction-or be forgotten in the scrolls of time?

Try the print & play version at the OMNI development blog!


  • Ludwig Lindståhl
  • Ladbon Monjezi

OMNI was the first board game to ever be nominated – and win – the Best Social Game award at GameConnection in Paris (2016)!


Klättergetter is a board game for four players where you play as a goat trying to climb to the top of the mountain and obtain the shiny Golden Garbage Can. But beware of the other goats, as they can knock you down and steal the garbage can!

This game was made as part of an assignment during the course Advanced Game Design during the second year.


  • Tova Svensson – Producer
  • Sigrid Svederoth – Lead Designer
  • Lisa Ramel – Lead Artist

Yellowfield Spacetravels

Yellowfield Spacetravels is a multiplayer boardgame that tests your cooperative skills and how well you can work with others. You are members of a spaceship crew that is desperatly trying to save the ship from crashing!

Nina Moritz – Game designer