Gotland Game Hub, April 17

The Gotland Game Hub (at Rindi 13:00-17:00, Wednesday April 17) is bringing not one, but two guests this week!

14:00: Denis Ilecic, Business Developer at Paradox Interactive, will join GGH to hang out and talk.
15:30 Johan Eriksson, Game Developer and lecturer at the department, will talk about translating narrative voice into interactive system.

As always, fika will be served at 15:00!

DunHuang Flying Apsaras

The story is mainly about a Musician, named Apsaras. Apsaras from the Tang dynasty tried to become the most popular musician in the world. Through countless exercise she became  famous all over the world for playing the pipa. Also, she was invited to perform for the lord of Dunhuang. 

Dunhuang is a prosperous and alluring city.  After the performance, she became obsessed with the prosperity of Dunhuang (food and entertainment), forgot her dream, abandoned her Pipa and stopped playing it. One day when she fell asleep, she found that she lost her pipa, and fell into the beast way.

Who can save her? Could she save herself and finish her dream again?


  • Xinpei Zheng      Product Owner  & 3D Artist & Designer
  • Liang Zhang      Project Manager & Audio & Designer
  • Alexander Frestadius      QA & Level Designer
  • Maria Shurupova      UI Designer
  • Jiakun Li      2D Artist & Designer
  • Kiana Geno Schmoll      3D Artist & Designer
  • Zhuowen Chen      Programming & Designer
  • Diwei Lyu      Programming & Designer