Meet us in Stockholm on the 5th of March!

The Swedish Game Industry is hosting a Career Fair (aka: Arbetsmarknadsdag) in Stockholm next month and we are, naturally, going to be there too. 🙂

The event is free to attend and aimed at people who are considering going into games – whether it’s a mid-life career change or looking for higher education. Ergo: it is an excellent opportunity to meet a ton of game studios and whole lot of game educations in one place!

Like last year we will be running a lottery in our both – so come speak with us if you’d like a chance to win free tickets to visit Visby the Gotland Game Conference!

The 5th of March is roughly a month before the national application deadline, so we highly recommend you swing past and check the options out before applying to higher education.

To recap:

See you there!

New recruits!

With 7 days left on the international application deadline to our Master programme we’ve got some great news to share! Professor Doris C. Rusch and Mischa Hießböck (DePaul University) are moving to the island and joining the department full-time, in June!

Doris C. Rusch on stage at the Gotland Game Conference 2017!
Doris spoke at the Gotland Game Conference 2017! Watch the talk here.

Mischa hails from a series of Austrian studios such as Game Gestalt, Sproing and Ferrytells, while Doris founded the Deep Games Laboratory at DePaul, worked at the GAMBIT Game Lab, MIT and at Vienna University of Technology. Their work represents a veritable smörgĂ„sbord for our department’s wish list. Not just encouraging, but dragging games to be better: to talk to the human condition; to represent nuance and a range of emotions.

Rusch’s work is focused on the theory and practice of game design, particularly in regard to games that model the human experience. For example she’s made;

  • Zombie Yoga a game for emotional empowerment
  • Elude – a metaphorical game on depression
  • For the Records – an interactive documentary that deals with young adults and mental disorders such as OCD, ADD, eating disorder and bipolar disorder and
  • Soteria – Dreams as Currency, a game to teach strategies to overcome anxiety disorders.
  • Doris also published the book Making Deep Games, on how to make games about the human experience using metaphor and allegory.

Join us at the Gotland Game Conference (5-6th June) to say hi and welcome them both!

GDC Vault and Safari Books Online

An early Christmas present to our students:  Uppsala University Library has just helped us extend the GDC Vault subscription throughout 2019, and vastly expand our access to Safari Tech Books Online.

Safari Book previously held only our 100 most used course books and references, and supported a measly 5 simultaneous users – which made it practically useless as a replacement for expensive course literature when an entire class needed it at the same time. From 2019 the database will be merged into the New O’Reilly Safari Collection, with access to 40 000+ books, and unlimited simultaneous users!

GDC Vault lets you stream from the ~12000 presentations that the Game Developers Conference has uploaded so far.

You can access both from the university library database page, and they both require password A for access.

Games for Youth Health (student presentations at Region Gotland)

Today the students in our course “Product Development for Games” had a public presentation of the work they have done in cooperation with Child-and student health at Region Gotland.

Nyttiga spel utvecklas av Campus Gotland - P4 Gotland

Nyttiga spel utvecklas av Campus Gotland – P4 Gotland

Ofta uppmĂ€rksammas de negativa effekterna av spelande exempelvis stillasittande och konflikter om skĂ€rmtid. Men nu har studenter tagit fram spelförslag …

Spel ska hjÀlpa barn och unga som mÄr dÄligt

Spel ska hjÀlpa barn och unga som mÄr dÄligt

Nu har speldesignstudenter frÄn Campus Gotland försökt hitta svaret pÄ om spel kan hjÀlpa barn och unga som mÄr dÄligt.

The students have worked with external organisations and individual citizens to develop four game designs that could contribute to the health and wellbeing of children and young people living on Gotland. The assignment and event were put together within the umbrella or our partnership with Region Gotland

Universitetsstudenter presenterade spel för barn och ungas hÀlsa och vÀlmÄende - Region Gotland

Universitetsstudenter presenterade spel för barn och ungas hĂ€lsa och vĂ€lmĂ„ende – Region Gotland

Under gĂ„rdagen presenterade studenter frĂ„n kursen ”Produktutveckling för spel” de arbeten de har gjort i samverkan med barn- och elevhĂ€lsan vid Region Gotland. Samarbetet har gjorts under partnerskapets vingar, det partnerskap som finns mellan Uppsala Universitet Campus Gotland och Region Gotland.