Announcing the Gotland Game Conference 2020 Showcase!

A jam to show off the student games that were supposed to show at the (cancelled) Gotland Game Conference!

We sadly had to cancel the Gotland Game Conference 2020 due to the Corona outbreak. Even without a show floor, however, our students are all still producing A TON of new games this semester which need to be play tested, scrutinized and celebrated! 

Hence: the Gotland Game Conference 2020 Showcase

We expect to have more than 40 games available for anyone to play, for free, from the comfort of their own homes. Everyone is welcome to join in and vote on the games they play!

  • Game Submissions will be open between May 1st (12:00) – June 1st (12:00) (local time).
  • Public play testing and voting will happen on June 1st – June 4th.  (12:00, Swedish time).

All student teams should follow the usual delivery schedule to have their games properly archived and published on the department website. In addition to those deliveries, all teams are also strongly encouraged to submit their game to the public Showcase, to be play-tested and voted on in early June! 

As with the regular GGC, student participation is entirely voluntary and is not a part of your course work. You are not graded for your performance in the event.

Read Student Info carefully and contact Ulf Benjaminsson if you have questions.

Special Edition Newsletter

  • All courses for the spring semester have moved online
  • Register for your upcoming courses (deadline: March 29th)
  • Apply for your autumn courses (deadline: April 15th)
    • Information was mailed to you on March 16th. Check your spam folder!
  • Gotland Game Conference 2020 has been cancelled

Read the full-text PDF here:

Keep calm, stay informed and wash your hands.

Department newsletter #5

This is the fifth newsletter for all staff and students active at the Department of Game Design. Contents:

  • Overview of current research and creative work at the department
  • Game Developers Conference 2020 has been cancelled
  • Corona Virus guidelines from the public health agency

The newsletter is published in three issues per semester. Staff can review the newsletters on the Staff Portal to receive more details there. Students are welcome to submit news too, at: gamedesign [at] speldesign [dot] uu [dot] se.

Updated brochure for 2020

It was time to update our two-fold brochure, to incorporate information about the Master programme, our new Games & Society Lab, and general nips-and-tucks. Here’s how the folder looks in practice:

We also took the opportunity to update the front art with student games from the previous year. We kept the 2018 one (Bolt & Bobby) but added Sunset Mystery (2019) and Strig & Kabu (2019).

And here’s the updated insert:

We also needed new t-shirts since the previous design was a giant flop (big print over the chest made it act and feel like wearing a bib). We kept it clean and simple:

We had some ideas for a more ambitious design refresh, but we need all of this stuff before March when GDC and all other things happen so we let that plan slide for now. 🙂