Wizdoom is a 2.5D game with android phones used as controls for both voice input and trackpads. The game was developed for PC, and used Unity, Photoshop and Visual Studio.


  • Hassan Akoushli & Patryk Stefaniak – Graphic,
  • Ella Fernström – Programmer
  • Mattias van derKolk – Programmer,
  • Adam Sandin – Game Designer & Project Owner,
  • Pontus Jakobsson – Project Manager & Scrum Master


Neck ‘n’ Neck

Neck ‘n’ Neck is a 2D side scrolling “giraffe” racing game focused mainly towards children. Speed is controlled by dodging obstacles by moving the “giraffes” neck up and down and jumping over ground obstacles.
Neck ‘n’ Neck was developed in Unity for PC using Photoshop, Logic Pro, and Reaper.

Neck ‘n’ Neck won the Innovation Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2019.


  • Joseph Delatolas – Programmer,
  • Axel Thomsen – Programmer,
  • Erik Norstedt – Project Manager,
  • Marina Arknell – Lead Designer,
  • Marcel Lang – Art Director,
  • Stefan Övergaard – Project Manager

Neck ‘n’ Neck on Facebook


Comet is a 3D exploration game made in Unreal Engine where you can immerse yourself in the lonely but beautiful universe. You play as a lonely comet and trying to fit in in a new solar system, and to create a place where you can call home. By collecting dusts and crystals that are scattered in space you will grow bigger and stronger to be able to save new companions and let them join you on your adventure.


  • Simon Ågren – Designer,
  • Xiaoyue Chen – Programmer,
  • Sofie Lindberg – Graphic Artist,
  • Natasha Bianca Mangan – Programmer,
  • Emilie Almroth – Graphic Artist,
  • Linda Khamphoukeo – Graphic Artist

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PROJECT: Monster Girls

PROJECT: Monster Girls is a single-player third-person arena fighting game. You play as a monster girl where you battle against another player. Strike first, strike hard, knock your opponent into the abyss. Fight your way to become the monster lord of the monster world!


  • Jonathan Berggren: Programmer and product ownerTomas Savela: Designer
  • Cai Songqiao: Graphic designer and artist
  • Maya Sidén: Designer
  • Saša Džigurski: Scrum master, sound

PROJECT Monster Girls on Facebook