Dust Rider

Dust Rider – A game showcasing a possible future for the mankind. This game is built for PC utilizing our very own controller in the shape of a windsurfing board. This controller lets you fly over the surface of the planet Mars. As a player you will navigate through unforgiving terrain and enemy outposts, while collecting as much resources as possible.


  • Max Hemberg – Project Manager,
  • Ludwig Josefsson – Designer,
  • Audrius Labanauskas – Programmer,
  • Fernando Garcia – Graphics Artist,
  • Liam Ryner – Graphics Artist

Strig & Kabu

Strig & Kabu is a co-op exploration puzzle-lite game focused on the themes of personal growth, trust, and cooperation. It features a relaxed atmosphere and a unique hand painted art style.

You play as Strig & Kabu, grandpa and grandson, delving into the forest in search of mushrooms for Strig’s alchemical concoctions, you will uncover the mystery behind the fog that clouds the forest, and only by helping each other will you find a way forward through the mystical and nature-themed puzzles.

Developed over the course of 8 weeks in Unreal Engine 4 with Autodesk Maya, Substance Designer, 3DCoat, Adobe Photoshop and Visual Studio.


  • Roberto Marcos Söderström – 3D Art & Level Design
  • Samantha Baqués Velásquez – 2D/3D Art
  • Natali Arvidsson – 2D/3D Art
  • Fredrik Lindsten – Programming
  • Jesper Backman – Programming
  • Carl Hvarfvenius Blomgren – Level Design & Social Media
  • Michael Degirmen – Management & Sound


ZambaZooka!’ is a competitive multiplayer arena battle ‘explode ’em up’ where you go up against your friends in a frantic intergalactic fiesta of explosive action! Armed with bazookas, your goal is to blow up your opponents as many times as you can!
‘ZambaZooka!’ was developed using Unity, with code made in Visual Studio, and art assets made in Adobe Photoshop. Original Music composed in FL Studio.


  • Mauricio Singh Martinez – Product Owner, Music, Level Designer
  • Anna Wuolo – Scrum Master, Project Manager, Hardware Lead
  • Jari Hanski – Lead Programmer
  • Oscar Svan – UI Programmer/Designer, VFX Designer, SFX Designer, Marketing
  • Amanda Backlund – Graphics, Marketing
  • Frida Grahn – Graphics


In a post-apocalyptic world, two cleaning androids forgotten in a destroyed city, left behind still doing what they were meant to do… clean! But one is malfunctioning. Instead of using anti-radioactive detergent, it is using radioactive material! Two players assume the roles of each robot, and try to fill the area with their material within a time-box. The player with most material when the time expires, wins! The game uses as input a broom-stick that detects the movement of the player. Swing left or right to change direction, and brush back and forth to increase the speed of the player’s character.

CleanOut is a PC game, developed with Unity, Photoshop, and Visual Studio. The players will use broom-sticks as input.


  • Julia Iljina – 2D Artist & Animator,
  • Caroline Johansson – Technical Artist & Environment Artist,
  • Rim Lolo – Systems Coding & Gameplay Coding,
  • Johan Dahlstedt – Creative Designer & Gameplay Coding,
  • Alexandros Kokkinidis – Scrum Master & Systems Coding