A tower defense game where everything is laid out on the board for you to use. Cunningly move the traps on the grid to make sure that they eliminate the heroes when they activate.

Take part in the ancient myth of the Minotaur, with a twist – instead of slaying the beast, you are protecting it.

Time is of the essence. Swiftly plan your actions during flowing turns dictated by an in-game timer that regulates the movement of the enemies and the activation of your traps.

Daidala won Best Storytelling at the Gotland Game Conference 2021.


  • Mario Palleschi – Lead Designer, Programmer, Post-Processing
  • Sergei Grigorev – Lead Programmer, Designer
  • Christos Mandilas – Narrative, Voice Acting, Designer, Artist
  • Efrem Torrisi – Artist, VFX Artist, Character Animator, Designer
  • Sofia Rautiainen – Lead Artist, Designer
  • Isac Rosenberg- Project Manager, SFX Artist, Designer
  • Isak Larsson – Designer, QA, Level Designer
  • Lefteris Mandilas – Music
  • Giovanni Palleschi – Trailer