Ghost Written

Ghost Written is an educational adventure- & role playing game where the main focus lies in helping swedish children ages of 12-15, improve their English. To restore balance to the dimensions a lone boy ventures into the unknown. By his side he has a curious little creature to aid him, hoping that in return, the boy will be able to grant it its own wishes to come true. The World of Ghost Written is rich in detail, colour and imagination. Populated by characters with their own wishes, pasts and futures for the player to become part of.

Ghost Written was awarded Best Presentation, Best Serious Game and the Almedalen Library Award at Gotland Game Awards 2009.

Pernilla Sparrhult, Emma Ströberg, Richard Jakch, Christoffer Schedin, Jenny Nordenborg, Lotta Tjernström, Niklas Åhs, Anna Holmgren, Magdalena Lepp (external)