The Quacken

You, as the duckling, must escape the crocodile manor. To do that, you have different mechanics at your disposal which you can figure out by exploring. The game involves hiding from enemies and making your way through each area by going out through a door or down a staircase. It is a stealth puzzle game, targeted at people who like pixel games, stealth puzzle games and retro game fans.

Platform: PC/HTML5
The tools used to make this game: Unity, Visual Studio, WebGL, C#, XML, Pyxel Edit, Aseprite, Github, Gitkraken, Photoshop.

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  • Ruta Sapokaite – Pixel Art / Programming
  • Kevin Andersson – Art Direction
  • Vidar Grönros – Level Design / Implementation
  • Marina Arknell – Gameplay Programming / Game Design
  • Daria Dragana Paunchici – Project Management / Level Design
  • David Naußed – Lead Programmer