The Runes of Kalevala

The Runes of Kalevala is a cooperative RPG/adventure game that uses gameplay to drive the narrative. You take on the roles of legendary heroes as you immerse yourself into the Finnish national epos Kalevala, experiencing the epic tale as if you had been there yourself.

The Runes of Kalevala features local co-op to allow players to go on quests and experience an adventure together. Unlike traditional co-operative RPG-type games however, which rely heavily on the players enjoying the same type of activities, The Runes of Kalevala will allow you to play together while playing differently.

Imagine if in The Lord of the Rings when Gandalf left the fellowship for errands of his own that his adventure and the fellowship’s would play out simultaneously and the effects of one party’s actions affected the other.


  • Thom Hujanen – Producer
  • Filip Frandsen – Lead Art
  • Anders Hagström – Lead Design, Lead Sound
  • Anton Classon – Lead Code
  • Sebastian Ringvold – Lead Tech
  • Erik Ögren – Lead Animator
  • Tara Sundström – Character Artist