Eternal Resonance Arena

Imagine combining the tactical prowess of MOBA:s and the strategic depth of a RTS:s game, fighting together with your friends side by side; one as a commander and the others as a champions against a team of equal composition, which side will prevail in the eternal conflict, you decide!

Eternal Resonance Arena at the Gotland Game Conference 2014 show floor

In E.R.A you play as a team in multiplayer versus another team, each team consists of several champions and one commander. The goal is to destroy the enemy commander.

The players who control champions use their skills to dominate the battlefield and capture key location for the commander to build structures on. The commander controls builds structures that spawn minion waves and support the champions with different abilities (such as healing them for a price).

This game is for PC exclusively, you play using a keyboard and mouse and is developed using Unity.


  • Daniel Svensson, Producer | Game Creator | Game Designer
  • Inge Olaisen, Lead Programmer
  • Henrik Andersson, Programmer
  • Rasmus Björling, Programmer
  • Henrik Rosenborg, Lead Artist | 2D Artist | 3D Artist | Animator
  • Amanda Rathje, 2D Artist | 3D Artist | Animator
  • Christian Roupé, 2D Artist | 3D Artist | Animator | Technical Artist