Fields of Glory (2010)

Fields of Glory is an intense and tactical action game bringing the brutality and glory of the roman gladiator games into modern sports. As the champion of a professional gladiator team players will duke it out in fast paced and bloody matches where, thanks to advanced prosthetics, a lost arm or leg will result in nothing more than a pit stop.

Web: Gentle Touch Studios

Gustaf Stark – Producer, Programmer
Daniel Eriksson – Lead Programmer
Mattias Niiranen – Programmer
Nehmo Tapio – Programmer
Markus Mattfolk Stenberg – Lead Design, Programmer
Gabriel Sammens – Lead Art, Graphic Artist
Fredrik Larsson – Graphic Artist
Otto Westerlundh – Graphic Artist
Johanna Sandhammar – Graphic Artist
Emil Kieri, Mats Söderblom – Trailer and Teaser

4 Replies to “Fields of Glory (2010)”

  1. I played this game on dreamhack summer 2010 an it whas one the best fighting games i ever played because the idea of the game whas new

  2. I played this game at GGA 2010 and fell in love with it. I would love if you could put it on the web for people to play or do so people could download it and play over a lan. Really love the game and you’ve done a great job!

  3. Hello Gustav and thanks for the feed back! It really means a lost when someone enjoys our work 🙂
    Sadly the version that you played during thelast GGA is a bit less than playable under normal circumstances, because of this we have not made it available for download. However, we are currently hard at work on the final version of Fields of Glory and there will be a playable version at GGC(former GGA) this year.

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