A third person side scrolling 3D single player game with puzzle, exploration, and narrative elements. It’s the 1950’s and you play as a female trapped in a surreal house. You are on a quest of trying to find a way out. However, the house would rather see you dead than free.

The game is developed for PC and is created in Unreal Engine using Photoshop, Maya, Visual Studios, Motive and Blender.

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  • Lina Femling – Level Designer & Scrum Master
  • Moa Bruus – Texture Artist & 2D Artist
  • Pixie Röjarsvärd – Game Designer & 3D Artist
  • Lukas Clausson – Programmer
  • Natasha Mangan – Programmer
  • Alex Saleteg – Animator & 3D Artist
  • Emelie Almroth – Product Owner & Graphical Artist