In Other Words

In Other Words, is a game where you play as the librarian Aphra, who explores the world of classic books. The demo level is set in a world based on ‘Don Quixote’. To aid her quest, she got TAD – The Amazing Device.

TAD let’s you combine objects that you find along your way, to create new items and tools. The game is a platform/adventure game made with the True Vision 3D engine.

In Other Words was awarded “Best Presentation” at Gotland Game Awards 2008.

Lead Marcus Ingvarsson
Lead programmer: Johan Norberg
Programmer: Jakob Tanentsapf
Programmer: Sebastian Svensson
Sound ’n Music: Josef Falkensköld
Lead Artist: Tobias Källkvist
Artist: Jonatan Österberg
Artist: Erik Öqvist
Artist: Joar Holmström