Naar is a third person action-adventure game set in the mystical world of Al-Dunya (The world below). You are Mokthar a wizard in training, your mission is to dispatch evil djinns from the land. To do this you will have to discover how to make use of your magic in the best possible way to defeat your opponents.

To become a master wizard, you need to tactically defeat your opponents by combining different spells, Fusing them or using the “Harakat”-mode to start a bullet time event for calculated spell casting

The game is built in Unreal Engine 4. Modeled, animated and textured with the help of Maya,3Ds Max, Motionbuilder and Adobe Photoshop.


  • Ahmad Ali – Producer/Lead Designer
  • William Mayer – Lead Artist
  • Marcus Svensson – 3D Artist
  • Andreas Calmius – Level/Effect Designer
  • Oscar Eriksson – Lead Programmer
  • Ladbon Monjezizadeh – AI Programmer
  • Herman Båtelsson – Programmer