Overstay is a 3D first-person puzzle-platformer game that will challenge your perception of time, and take you on an unforgettable journey through the mysterious Pontem hotel. As a guest who oversleeps their checkout time, you find yourself trapped in the Land-in-between, in the same hotel that turns out to be created for spirits. Your arrival causes a power overload in the hotel, so you’ll need to use your wits, cunning, and the unique time-manipulating mechanic to solve puzzles and fix the power system on each floor.

Overstay at the Gotland Game Conference 2023 show floor

With the power of your time-manipulating abilities, you can record a timeline of your actions and then rewind back to the beginning of the recording, allowing you to see a previous version of yourself performing an action and react to it in real-time. This mind-bending mechanic will require you to think creatively and strategically to overcome obstacles and progress through the levels.

With each successful repair, you’ll unlock new floors and uncover the secrets of the Pontem Hotel.

Will you be able to manipulate time to solve the puzzles and escape from the Land-in-between? The clock is ticking, and only time will tell.

Overstay won Best Level Design and Best Storytelling at the Gotland Game Conference 2023!


  • Vlada Morgun – Project Manager, ScrumMaster, Level Designer
  • André Dahl – Product Owner, Level Designer, QA
  • Marcus Anderfelt – Level Designer, QA
  • Sofiya Nilsson – 3D Artist
  • Oscar Hofling – 3D Artist
  • Elias Örn – 3D Artist
  • Tiger Sun – Programmer
  • Jacob Bekele Jansson – Programmer
  • Aboubakr Bobaker – Programmer